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Our ultimate selling guide for small businesses

We have decided to start the new year by introducing the ultimate selling guide for small businesses. Wholesale Clearance UK is a family firm, and we recognise the complexities, pressures and challenges of running a small business. Our Blog celebrates its sixth birthday later this year, and in that time we’ve written on every subject we can think of. Reflecting back on what we’ve covered, we decided to put together this ultimate selling guide for small business.

What this ultimate selling guide for small businesses sets out to do, is make it easy for you to find the blogs most useful to you. Here you’ll find blogs about how to sell, where to sell, when to sell and what to sell, along with buying guides and our hugely popular product guides. We’ve included all the blogs about starting a business if you’ve yet to make that jump, as well as all of our eBay guides, and of course our popular ‘just for fun’ blogs.

All you have to do is read through the list and click on the links, and the link will take you to the relevant page. Enjoy!

Get yourself organised with these helpful blogs

PART ONE: Self-employment

No selling guide for small businesses would be complete without a section on actually taking the plunge and becoming self-employed. Here’s some useful guides.

Self Employment: Getting Started

Ten reasons why being self-employed rocks this new year
A small business you can run from home
Quitting time: How to resign from your job to start your SME
14 Tips for Setting up a Market Stall Business
The 20 Second Commute: advantages and disadvantages of a home-based business
What’s in a name? Tips for naming your new business
Redundancy: happy ever after for entrepreneurs!
Top Ten Tips for Would-be Entrepreneurs
Beat the Spare Bedroom Tax! Start your business today!
Our Tips for Starting a Market Stall Business
Setting Up A Business – Part 1
Setting up a business… Part 2
Setting up a business… Part 3
Starting Up A Business – The Final Chapter…

Self Employment: Running your business
LinkedIn for SME’s: Useful or not?
Feeling the pinch? Consider our Small Business Debt Free Plan
Doing the Monster Mash: Halloween Music and PPL
Brands are incredibly powerful
Build a Brand on a Budget, Not a Budget Brand
Why do small businesses fail?
Creating your Personal Brand

Everything you need – guides for eBay

PART TWO: The ultimate selling guide for small businesses – eBay

eBay Help and Guides

How to make a million on eBay
The ten most expensive things ever sold on eBay
The Ten Most Popular Things to Sell on eBay in 2018
eBay launching new seller performance standards in February 2016
Five eBay Auctions that went viral
Many happy RETURNS with eBay this Autumn
Get eBay App Happy Right Here with 6 of the best!
The pros and cons of becoming an eBay International Seller
Build a bonfire, build a bonfire: discounting items for sale on eBay, the how, when and why
Ten terrible mistakes you should avoid when selling on eBay!
Top Tips for Tantalizing Buyers on eBay
How to fund your eBay business from Wholesale Clearance UK
Power Sellers & Top Rated Sellers… Continued
Infographic Fun! eBay
Top Rated & Power Sellers
DSR Comic
eBay feedback the do’s and don’ts
Starting an eBay Business Part 1
Starting an eBay Business Part 2
Starting an eBay Business Part 3
The Power of an eBay store

How, where, when to sell

PART THREE: The ultimate selling guide for small businesses: How, where, when to sell etc.

How to sell

What’s the difference between B2B and B2C long distance selling regulations?
Twitter for business: Tweet your SME
The Mad World of Markups/Profit Margins
New Year – revitalize your business and increase sales!
Advertising on the cheap
eCommerce and Order Management Systems: Tips of the trade care of Charlie McBroom
Plastic Fantastic: Cards, cash and a booms a daisy!
Fun Friday Quizzes: Facebook and the art of going viral
Do your products have the X Factor or don’t they twerk?
Giving something back: raising the profile of your business through good works
Life’s a Pitch
VAT! Value added …. thoughts
How to attract customers to your website
How to make your first million (or £35,000 at least)
Wooing your customer: Valentine’s Tips for Business Lovers
QR Codes – How can they help you?

When to sell
Does the weather affect sales in the retail sector?
Planning your week? Best days to buy and sell

Where to sell
Shhh! Heard about Shpock? New rival to eBay
Selling on Facebook for Beginners: Part 1
Selling on Facebook for Beginners Part 2: Facebook Advertising
Selling on Facebook for Beginners Part 3: Targeting other pages
14 Tips for Setting up a Market Stall Business
Not so amazin’? A brief introduction to selling on Amazon
The 5 Principles of Effective Storage for Online Traders
Car boots: a trader’s dream or nightmare? Part One
Car boots: a trader’s dream or nightmare? Part Two

Where to buy
Bargain wholesale stock! Our wholesale bankrupt stock auctions
Looking for a good trade show to visit?
How Buying Liquidated Stock Can Benefit Businesses
How To: Wholesale Clothing Guide
How to Profit from Liquidation Stock

What to sell (or not)
Biggest Product Flops
Things you didn’t know it was illegal to sell in the UK
Weird, wonderful and crazy business ideas
Size does make a difference: shoe size and selling online
Get off of my cloud! Targeting the festival goer
Diversifying your stock offer
Branded Goods: to buy or not to buy

Our popular product guides

PART FOUR: The ultimate selling guide for small businesses – product guides

A Guide to Sunglasses Styles and History
The definitive guide to handbags
Hot under the collar? A handy reference guide to types of collars
Totes Lush Shoe Guide: The Totally Amazing Style Guide to Women’s Shoes
An A-Z of shoe styles (Original Post)
Get some wrist action this February!

Flipping happy! The low down on flip flops
Bestselling products of all time
Worth every penny! 6 products that unexpectedly went viral
Sixth scents: sourcing the right bargain fragrances

Happy workplace – happy you! It’s why you choose self-employment!

PART FIVE – The ultimate selling guide for small businesses – running your workplace


Top tips to stay cool at work in the British heatwave
Hi ho, hi ho! How to motivate your employees as a small business owner
The attraction of distraction: how to boost your productivity at work
Man Died at Desk and Nobody Noticed: Workplace productivity
Jeremy Clarkson’s anger management tips (Allegedly)
Top 10 Tips to Spring Clean your Business!
HR for fun: Sad, bad and funny firing stories
Hiring! Taking on your first employee (HR for beginners)
Forging your Empire starts here: Taking on your first
Top 21 energy boosters for the small business owner
Twelve Top Tips to Help You Stop Procrastination
Twenty Tips to Turn the Tables on Telemarketers
Dealing with a Deadly Dearth of Customer Delight (or what to do when your customers aren’t happy)

The fun stuff!

PART SIX: The ultimate selling guide for small businesses – MISC

WCUK Opinion

The success or failure of Trumps businesses
Ten Times Big Companies Have Lied to Us
VW Emissions Scandal and 11 other times big companies have lied to us

Popular Posts (Mainly for fun)

The most offensive Halloween costumes of all time?
Would you like help with your Brazilian?
Fun facts about Playboy
Gary Lineker naked? Ten people who put their foot in it
Top 10 best April Fools jokes ever
Top 10 most haunted houses in Britain
Worst Mother’s Day Gifts Ever!
World of the Weird: World Cup Tournament 2014 oddities, trivia and miscellanea
15 Absurd Examples of Management Speak
Back to the future: Stock that time forgot

Popular Star Wars blogs

Attack of the Poorly Made Clones
Slave Leia merchandise banned?
The best and the worst of Star Wars Merchandise

Over to you

Hooray for the ultimate selling guide for small businesses, eh? What a lot of words there are! Which has been your favourite blog over the years? Which was the most useful? What would you like to see covered? Leave a comment below, or join us on Facebook.:)

4 Responses to “The Ultimate Selling Guide for Small Businesses”

EdenfantasysJune 23rd, 2019 at 6:20 am

Do your research: How do you determine whether or not an item is worth selling and how much to sell it for? Obviously, you want to have as little investment in an item as possible and sell for the highest amount the market will allow. To get a good idea of how to price your item, you will need to do your research. Don’t make the mistake of looking at just the items listed for sale. Anyone can place any price on any item, so to get an accurate and realistic amount to price for the item you are researching, you will need to search only those items that actually have sold. You will soon see a range of prices for which you can realistically expect to sell your item. To sell fast, price at the lower end of the previously sold items. If you are willing and able to wait a bit for your item to sell, you can price at the higher end of the spectrum.