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David vs Goliath, the Rebel Alliance vs the Empire, Leicester FC vs the Premiere League. Nothing is more satisfying than witnessing the underdog trump the frontrunner.

In business too, this rule is true. It’s expected of top businesses to employ top people and produce top products that public will need, even if they didn’t know they needed them. These large corporations employ armies of market researchers and legions of adverting gurus to ensure their investments pay off and consumers willingly open their wallets. Ever thought to yourself “who would actually buy that?” when confronted with bizarre items like selfie sticks or blankets with built in sleeves? Case in point.

However, sometimes the public just aren’t willing to buy whatever ludicrous, often expensive, product their favourite brand decides to launch. Sometimes it’s the biggest brands that fall the hardest. Our research team looked into the most notorious examples of products that fell flat on their faces from iconic brands, and the results were hilariously tragic:

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