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Where to sell?

The Ultimate Selling Guide for Small Businesses

We have decided to start the new year by introducing the ultimate selling guide for small businesses. Wholesale Clearance UK is a family firm, and we recognise the complexities, pressures and challenges of running a small business. Our Blog celebrates its sixth birthday later this year, and in that time we’ve written on every subject […]

What’s being sold in Rio? The Olympics 2016

To be fair, I haven’t managed to catch a huge amount of the Olympics yet: a) because there hasn’t been much on so far (it’s the first Sunday as I write this) and b) because I fell asleep in front of the TV last night. Before I nodded off, I did notice that the arenas […]

LinkedIn for SME’s: Useful or not?

It was announced yesterday (13/06.2016) that Microsoft is to purchase LinkedIn, the professional networking website, for $26bn (£18bn), which equates to $196 a share. That’s a lot of money. Apparently the deal will enable Microsoft to boost sales of its business and email software, although to be fair, it doesn’t sound as though they’re failing […]

Build a bonfire, build a bonfire: discounting items for sale on eBay, the how, when and why.

So that might be the longest title I have ever used in this blog but I wanted somehow to get a link in to bonfire night given that it’s November the 5th, however tenuous it might be. But in my mind the link is that instead of burning unwanted stock – let’s sell it for […]

Here comes the bride: selling for the wedding industry

We are currently acting as broker for a rather fabulous Joblot of mixed wedding accessories see https://www.wholesaleclearance.co.uk/one-off-wholesale-lot-of-mixed-wedding-accessories.htm which includes 99x Fascinators (that’s the little flowery decoration things that women wear in their hair, chaps), 33 hats, 108 Tiaras and Combs, Slides, Clips & Pins, brooches, bracelets, necklace and earring sets, Boxes, Stands & Charts, Swarovski […]

Diversifying your stock offer

In these difficult economic times, running a small business can be extremely hard work. In spite of news items suggesting that online retail sales have rocketed (Retail Gazette for example, reports that ‘online retail sales rose 16 per cent year-on-year last month (March 2013), driven by clothing sales despite the freezing weather’) you may be […]

To Market, To Market…

To market, to market, as the saying goes… or does it, with the birth of the internet, pound shops, and discount stores has the market become non-existent? Actually it seems to have done the opposite, while figures show that the number of people visiting and standing at markets has remained stagnant over the last twenty […]

Party Planning for the 21st Century

Bringing Party Planning into the 21st Century Mention party planning and people will automatically think about Tupperware or Ann Summers. Party planning seemed to be a chance for a bunch of women to get together, have a gossip and buy a few things they didn’t really need. Party planning is the idea of inviting a […]

Car boots: a trader’s dream or nightmare? Part Two

Car boots: a trader’s dream or nightmare? Part Two (Click Here for part 1) Following on from Part One where we looked at why you should consider car boots, we now look at what sells. What sells at car boots? • Candles – foreigners and holiday makers love the Colony candles. Not only are they […]

Car boots: a trader’s dream or nightmare? Part One

Car boots: a trader’s dream or nightmare? Part One Getting up at 5am is never a good thing, but car boots are an area of business often ignored. We look at whether car boots could increase your profits. Car boots were introduced as a way to clear out junk from your loft or home. People […]