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Our website features and upgrades

Wholesale Clearance UK is now on Youtube!

Wholesale Clearance UK has recently taken its place on one of the greatest TV Channels of them all… Youtube! Just like you, we are constantly working to get our brand noticed, and promote the latest amazing products that the company has to offer. The Wholesale Clearance VT was the first video we produced, we feel […]

One Off Job Lots!

Last week we spoke about how splitting large job lots can increase competition, thus lowering profits to silly amounts. Now here at Wholesale Clearance UK we know you don’t all have endless amounts of money, but we know that after reading last week’s article you are all going to want unique products to sell. That […]

Always Thinking of You…

You are our customers, and we care about you here at Wholesale Clearance UK. This means that we want you to constantly achieve great results from the products you purchase from us, despite the quantity or price. We know not all of our customers have budgets which will allow them to purchase some of our […]

Signing Up To Wholesale Clearance

Signing up to Wholesale Clearance UK takes a matter of seconds, the benefits that come with signing up to a site like Wholesale Clearance UK are endless, but most importantly registering on Wholesale Clearance UK is free! You will need to sign up to the Wholesale Clearance UK site if you want to buy something […]

Fantastic start to our Brokerage deals!

Fantastic start to our Brokerage deals! Wholesale Clearance UK is all about the bargains – great quality for even better prices. Our sales are so quick we literally have stock coming in and out before we have even finished the inventory. So that got us thinking about a new way we can bring you the […]