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Always Thinking of You... Wholesale Clearance UK BlogYou are our customers, and we care about you here at Wholesale Clearance UK. This means that we want you to constantly achieve great results from the products you purchase from us, despite the quantity or price. We know not all of our customers have budgets which will allow them to purchase some of our fantastic goods in full, and we often get e-mails asking for us to split the lot down perhaps from 100 items worth £1000 to 4 lots of 25 items worth £250

I would like to take this time to explain to you, our fantastic customers why we try and avoid doing this, ensuring that you get that profit out of our items which you disserve.

So Wholesale Clearance UK split the lot of 100 items worth £1000 on request of one buyer in to 4 lots of 25 items for £250, the person who asked us to do this is called Mark for the purpose of this demonstration. Now Mark receives his goods, he is really happy and he plans to put each one of the 25 items he has purchased on eBay and Amazon for £50, selling them all before fee’s and postage Mark hopes to make £1,250.

Now Dean goes on the Wholesale Clearance UK website and looks to see if there are any high quality goods within his budget, he see’s the same items with Mark purchased last week. Now Dean looks to see what the competition is like, and he finds that only one person is selling the goods on eBay at £50 each, now Dean knows he could sell the same item for £30 and still take home £750, so Dean goes ahead and buys the goods.

In the first week of sales Mark was selling the new goods he had purchased from Wholesale Clearance UK really well, in fact he had sold 5 of the items, but the next two weeks he hadn’t sold any, Mark looks around eBay to see if there is any new competition for his goods when he finds that Dean is selling the items for £30 and has sold 3.

Mark is unhappy about this, but in order to sell them he knows he is going to have to become cheaper than Dean, so Mark begins selling his items at £25, and in one week sells another 4, but then of course Dean see’s his sales drop and in order to gain more sales Dean begins selling his products at just £15, leaving him just breaking even after fee’s and postage.

Now this is just the demonstration of two people over one product, and clearly demonstrates why here at Wholesale Clearance UK we feel that you, our customers, enefit more from us selling the full quantity of products direct to you – giving you exclusive access to this product.

In next weeks blog postAlways Thinking of You... Wholesale Clearance UK Blog, we will be looking at how here at Wholesale Clearance UK we are working to enable you get exclusive items, within your budget.

One Response to “Always Thinking of You…”

Linda CamelloJune 29th, 2016 at 6:05 am

Buying wholesale you will save and make even more money.If done well, businesses become cyclical. When you reach this point in your company’s life, you have most likely developed a brand popular in your area and have a sizable network of manufacturers to choose from. This would, therefore, give you considerable authority and credibility.