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One Off Job Lots! Wholesale Clearance UK BlogLast week we spoke about how splitting large job lots can increase competition, thus lowering profits to silly amounts. Now here at Wholesale Clearance UK we know you don’t all have endless amounts of money, but we know that after reading last week’s article you are all going to want unique products to sell.

That is where Wholesale Clearance UK’s One Off Job Lots category comes in, the key here is the exclusivity you get when selling any of the items purchased from this category.

The size of the lots vary here from thousands of items, to just ten or so… This certainly means we tailor to all budgets.

The clear benefit of buying one off job lots to me is that because you have that exclusivity, you a pretty much free to set the price, aiming to make as much or as little on an item as you like, with no need to worry that anyone is beating you on price.

So let me talk you through some of the greatest one off job lots available at Wholesale Clearance UK at the moment.

Tiny Idols, Lady Googoo 2GB USB Stick.

A great novelty item to sell online or in a store. Would suit a computer or a gadget shop, there’s a great range of different artists available.

For £12,770.28 you get 2,462 USB Sticks. That’s £5.19 each.

There is currently none of these on eBay. Here I would sell these for £19.95 each. With a profit around £14.76 per USB Stick sold, after postage and Fee’s you’d be looking at around £12 net profit. Selling all 2,000+ at this price would get you a net profit of… £29,000+

The USB sticks are currently being sold on Amazon for £13.74. I would recommend you to list the item on Amazon for £13.50. Here you would be looking at around £8.13 profit, maybe that would drop to around £6 after fee’s and postage etc… Selling all of the 2,000+ USB Sticks on here would get you a tidy profit of around £14,500.

Listing the USB stick on the two will push your average profit price to somewhere around the £20,000 mark, and you will also be doubling the audience which will be viewing your items, that way you’re going to sell your USB Sticks much quicker.

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