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Wholesale Tips and Guides

Which County is the Most Money Conscious?

With the cost of living rising, people are becoming savvier when it comes to saving and spending money. Searches for the ‘best savings account’ are up 17% since last month, showing that people are actively looking for ways to protect their earnings. At Wholesale Clearance UK, we wanted to find out which county is the […]

Online Shopping & Auction Scams By Police Force

With millions of people shopping online, the number of scams occurring is on the rise – meaning consumers have to be more vigilant than ever. At Wholesale Clearance, we gathered data from police forces across the UK to discover which area had the most reports and the highest losses from online shopping and auction scams. […]

Best UK Trade Shows & Fairs To Visit: 2022

Best Trade Shows and Fairs To Visit in the UK: 2022 As a wholesaler, heading to trade shows, fairs, and exhibitions with a trusty banner and setting up a stand can be a tiring, although it is a certainly a highly rewarding and often fruitful experience. Having the opportunity to meet new suppliers, learn about [...]

How To Sell Successfully On Amazon

How To Sell Successfully on Amazon There are a million ways to make money online, but there are a few trusted methods that are helping people just like you make a sizable profit each and every day. Yes, you guessed it, Amazon is one the best places to get started. So, don't worry if you're [...]

How To Guide: Sell Successfully on eBay

How To: Sell Successfully on eBay & Make a Profit! Are you looking to make money online? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. eBay isn’t just a place to sell your leftover junk anymore. Since 1995, eBay has gone from strength to strength, and has maintained its authority in [...]

How To Sell Successfully on Facebook Marketplace

How To Sell Successfully On Facebook Marketplace Can you make good money selling on Facebook Marketplace? Well, yes is the quick answer. Plenty of sellers are disillusioned with the likes of eBay – particularly small businesses, so selling on Facebook makes perfect sense. To find out how to do so, and successfully, just read on [...]

Best UK Car Boots For Sellers

With the cost of living rising, now is the time to start selling items which don’t ‘spark joy’. A great way to do this is by selling at a car boot, with the benefits of having no delivery costs and a vast range of customers throughout the day. But which county is best for a […]

Supporting the #freebritney movement

As is the nature of our business here at Wholesale Clearance UK, we try and find buyers for any Clearance stock. Today, we have been tasked with finding buyers for what we thought were t-shirts in support of the #freebritney movement but in fact they say ‘#freebrittany’. You can purchase one Here When we first […]

The Ultimate Selling Guide for Small Businesses

We have decided to start the new year by introducing the ultimate selling guide for small businesses. Wholesale Clearance UK is a family firm, and we recognise the complexities, pressures and challenges of running a small business. Our Blog celebrates its sixth birthday later this year, and in that time we’ve written on every subject […]

The Rise and Fall of Toys ‘R’ Us

There may be millions of toys all under one roof, but Geoffrey and crew are in trouble. In an attempt to salvage its future, Toys ‘R’ Us has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US and Canada and is currently trying to restructure its debts. With Christmas on the horizon, a US bankruptcy judge has […]

Guide to Sunglasses styles and history

When you’re working in the wholesale sector as I do, you come across a wealth of sunglasses styles, and eventually they all meld into one. Here at Wholesale Clearance UK, we often have many sunglasses styles available at great discounted rates, but we’re never quite sure how to describe them. With that in mind, I […]

“Would you like help with your Brazillian?”

Our booklet blunder with 50,000 tragically inaccurate ‘unofficial’ language guides for Rio 2016 Here at Wholesale Clearance a large variety of stock makes its way in and out of our warehouse, and the vast majority of it is quality merchandise. Occasionally though, we stumble across something so disastrously unprofessional that we’re left with little choice […]

What’s the difference between B2B and B2C long distance selling regulations?

What’s the difference between B2B and B2C long distance selling regulations? Are you confused about the difference between B2B and B2C long distance selling regulations? The law treats business-to-business contracts differently than it does business-to-consumer contracts. The Distance Selling Regulations no longer actually apply in UK law. They were replaced by the Consumer Contracts Regulations […]

LinkedIn for SME’s: Useful or not?

It was announced yesterday (13/06.2016) that Microsoft is to purchase LinkedIn, the professional networking website, for $26bn (£18bn), which equates to $196 a share. That’s a lot of money. Apparently the deal will enable Microsoft to boost sales of its business and email software, although to be fair, it doesn’t sound as though they’re failing […]

Biggest Product Flops

David vs Goliath, the Rebel Alliance vs the Empire, Leicester FC vs the Premiere League. Nothing is more satisfying than witnessing the underdog trump the frontrunner. In business too, this rule is true. It’s expected of top businesses to employ top people and produce top products that public will need, even if they didn’t know […]

Top 10 most haunted houses in Britain

Here at Wholesale Clearance UK we have a range of ex-rental DVDs for sale such as Hunted starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio del Torro, and the creepy Cabin Fever from Eli Roth, which has been described as ‘scary as hell’ and ‘terrifying’ which totally piques my interest of course. The slant on Cabin Fever […]

Twitter for business: Tweet your SME

In the past we’ve looked at using Facebook and eBay for your business. In many ways these are fairly straightforward solutions to your marketing needs. If you haven’t ever considered using Twitter for business, you may find you also get results from this social media outlet. What is Twitter? You must have heard of Twitter, […]

The definitive guide to handbags

Some time ago we brought you our definitive guide to shoes. That was so successful we thought we would share our handbag guide with you. If you’re buying bags wholesale and don’t know where to start with naming them or describing them, our little list should help you out. Well … the pictures will, even […]

The best and the worst of Star Wars Merchandise

George Lucas may well be the most astute director Hollywood has ever produced. He’s one of the wealthiest Hollywood celebrities ever (current worth is estimated at $7.3 billion) in spite of only ever directing six films. His status as a billionaire is all thanks to one decision he made way back in 1973. At that […]

Ten Times Big Companies Have Lied To Us

Things move fast in the corporate world. Since we published our VW Emissions Scandal and 11 other times big companies have lied to us article (here) last week, oil giant BP has agreed to pay $20bn (£13.2bn) to settle claims in the USA following the disastrous Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. The spill took […]

Ten things that are a perfect 10

I’ve become obsessed with perfection. Perfectly obsessed about things that are a perfect 10. Perfection is entirely subjective though, isn’t it? Here’s my list. 10. The most perfect woman In a poll published in The Daily Mail at the beginning of 2015, Kate Moss, Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson were all voted into the top 10 […]

Emoji PIN for the win!

I nearly had heart failure the other day when the security software I use on my laptop suggested that my password was one that hackers regularly try out when they infiltrate people’s accounts. I changed it immediately of course, and then the next time I logged in had completely forgotten what I had changed it […]

A small business you can run from home

There are many reasons why you may be considering taking on or starting a small business you can run from home. After the recent change in the incumbent government, it will come as no surprise that within two working days of them taking office, they have announced punitive cuts to benefits. Of course there will […]

We are the champions, my friends!*

You may recall that back in December we asked you to vote for us in The Wholesale Forums Web Awards 2014, see the original blog post here . Well nominations ended on 7th December and voting continued until 4th January. Now I’ve paid my dues, time after time, I’ve done my sentence but committed no […]

An A-Z of shoe styles

A few weeks ago in this blog I was talking about the closure of several shoe chains and pointing out that if you are thinking of starting a business, whether it’s online, a market stall or in actual premises, a shoe shop might be a great business to get off the ground. Everyone needs shoes […]

Build a bonfire, build a bonfire: discounting items for sale on eBay, the how, when and why.

So that might be the longest title I have ever used in this blog but I wanted somehow to get a link in to bonfire night given that it’s November the 5th, however tenuous it might be. But in my mind the link is that instead of burning unwanted stock – let’s sell it for […]