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With the cost of living rising, now is the time to start selling items which don’t ‘spark joy’. A great way to do this is by selling at a car boot, with the benefits of having no delivery costs and a vast range of customers throughout the day. But which county is best for a car boot? Where do you have the most time to sell? Which ones are the most popular? At Wholesale Clearance, we researched car boots across England to answer these questions.
We researched 226 car boots from across England split our findings into the following six points:
• Average Review – the average score out of five on Google
• Average Seller Time – On average how long the seller has to set up and sell
• Average Seller Entry Fee – On average how much a seller pays to set up
• Weather – How many rainy days in the month of August across the county
• Popularity – The average number of Google searches for ‘car boot in X’
• Number Per Month – On average how many car boots occur each month
Our top 10 counties to sell at a car boot are:
1. Lincolnshire
2. Shropshire
3. East Sussex
4. Lancashire
5. Norfolk
6. Tyne and Wear
7. Cambridgeshire
8. Suffolk
9. Essex
10. Nottinghamshire
The best county to sell at a car boot is Lincolnshire, with an average seller entry fee of £7.54 and an average of 35 car boots a month we’d recommend packing up your car and heading over (once you’ve checked out our table of course).
In second place is Shropshire with an average review on Google of 4.26/5 and an average seller time of 6 hours 45 minutes. Rounding off the top three counties is East Sussex with just 8 days of rain on average in August and an average Google rating of 4.32/5.
Car boots are a great way to sell your unwanted items, whilst some counties are better for selling than others, there aren’t any which don’t offer them. We would recommend choosing a sunny day and making sure to get there as early as possible, the nearer to the front you are the more people are going to visit your stool.
To view the full list of County’s, check out our interactive here.

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