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With the easing of covid-19 restrictions across the UK this summer, the welcoming back of car boot sales has been greatly up taken and more popular than ever. Whether you’re getting rid of your unwanted items or hunting for some great finds, car boot sales are a great way for both sellers and buyers to get rid and buy hoarded up items due to the pandemic.

This got us thinking, where are the best car boot sales located in the UK?

To find out, we compiled 6 key data points from 226 car boots across the UK that make for a good car boot sale. These were the following data points:

• Average Car Boot Review
• Average Seller Time
• Average Buyer Time
• Average Seller Entry Fee
• Average Buyer Entry Fee
• Weather

When normalising this data across the different county’s, the top 10 were:

1. Norfolk
2. Warwickshire
3. Lincolnshire
4. Essex
5. Suffolk
6. Shropshire
7. Leicestershire
8. Worcestershire
9. Cambridgeshire
10. Staffordshire

The data revealed that Norfolk had the best car boot sales across the counties in the UK with a score of 8.46 out of 10. In second was Warwickshire with a score of 8.03/10 and Lincolnshire in third with a score of 7.94/10.

To view the full list of County’s, check out our interactive here.

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