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Wholesale Clearance UK Ltd is a British wholesaler, supplying goods to trade and the public. The company was established by Karl Baxter in 2005 (Registration number: 05506494) and is based in Poole, Dorset.


Wholesale Clearance UK sells bankrupt and surplus stock, as well as end of line clearances to individuals and companies of all sizes. Wholesale stock includes anything from home-ware, electrical goods, clothing, jewellery, shoes, wholesale pallets and any other products that are sold in the UK. Customers tend to be eBay and internet traders, car boot sellers, market traders, shop owners and party planners.


The idea for the business was borne out of a lack of wholesalers able to sell smaller quantities of stock to the general public. With the rise of the online auction platform, eBay, which gives individuals the opportunity to trade goods online, Karl Baxter found a gap in the market for an eBay supplier.

Karl himself started out selling goods bought from Poundland on eBay and was surprised by how viable it was to make money online, resulting in him giving up his day-job. As his trading grew, he came up against the problem of finding a wholesaler willing to sell to the public, with most wholesalers requiring large minimum orders that are unaffordable to the average sole trader. Karl therefore expanded his business to become a wholesaler and eBay supplier himself, supplying other individual traders with joblots of wholesale goods.

In its first year of trading Wholesale Clearance UK Ltd generated a £100,000 turnover. By the end of 2010/11 the company had become a multi-million pound business with a turnover of £2.500,000 and is now providing employment to 15 members of staff in its warehouses in Dorset. In addition to supplying a vast number of individuals and small business, Wholesale Clearance UK counts large firms amongst its clients, both in the UK and abroad including: Groupon, KGB Deals and QVC.

  • Groupon
  • KGB Deals
  • QVC

Some of our clients include: Groupon, KGB Deals and QVC

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