Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can anyone buy from Wholesale Clearance UK?

A) Yes we sell to anyone. Public starting their own business, market traders, shops, internet sellers, ebayers, carbooters etc. From new business starters or people looking to expand their business, we can help. For guidance and assistance please feel free to contact Andy White by email and he will be able to advise and help you select the right goods for your marketplace. For more detailed information on your right as a buyer please see this post What’s the difference between B2B and B2C long distance selling regulations?

Q) Do I need to sign up or open an account to buy?

A) No, all you have to do is place items into your shopping cart and pay. You can do this online, over the phone or by email. You are welcome to set up an account as there is a wealth of extra features on offer including the ability to watch your favourite items, save shopping carts, download your invoices and keep track of your orders to name but a few.


Q) Do you retail your own stock?

A) No. We do not retail our stock it's purely wholesale. We set the company up to help new sellers find good stock to resale and make a profit. It would be unethical for us to compete with our own customers.


Q) Do you deliver?

A) Yes, we can deliver to any country worldwide. The quickest way to find a postage price is to place the items in your shopping cart and our system can give you the postage price. You can also email us with your requirements and the sales team will be more than happy to assist.


Q) Can I collect my order?

A) Yes. You are welcome to come and collect your order, all we ask is that you phone or email to confirm when your order will be ready for collection.


Q) Can I view stock before purchasing?

A) You are welcome to view stock prior to purchase. We ask that you make an appointment to come and view stock before making a decision. We are open Monday to Friday (exc Bank Holidays) 9am - 3pm (last entry). We do not open weekends.

If you are travelling by car - enter the postcode BH15 3TD and select Unit N Waterside Estate, 25-27 Willis Way, Poole, Dorset. Depending on your sat nav this may come up with Wholesale Clearance UK Ltd.

If you are travelling by train - the nearest train station is Poole and we are a 5 minute taxi ride from the station to the address as above.


Q) Is there a minimum order?

A) No, there is no financial minimum order (e.g. £500.00, £1000.00 etc). All we have is minimum orders per line as on the advert (5, 10 etc).


Q) I want to export my goods, do I have to pay VAT?

A) The answer to this depends where the goods are going, who is sending them as well as other key issues. For an accurate answer for your own personal circumstances, please email Andy White with your request and he will answer you fully.


Q) I have stock to sell, do you buy stock?

A) If you are looking to sell us stock, please send an email for the attention of Karl Baxter to - [email protected]. Please include as much information as possible such as images, amounts, prices etc and he will get back to you. Please allow up to 5 days for a response as we get over 150 emails a day offering stock and we like to take time to go through them thoroughly.


Q) Do you do sale or return?

A) We do not do sale or return on stock. For our full returns policy, please see the Returns and Refunds section in the Useful Links section of the website.


Q) Do you dropship?

A) We do not dropship single items. We can send joblots/pallets to alternative addresses as long as payment for the goods is made via Bank/Internet transfer, cheque, chip and pin or cash in person at the warehouse.


Q) Do you sell single items or samples?

A) No we do not. However, we do sell things in small joblots (5's etc) so that is sample enough. We do not sell single items as we are a wholesaler, not a retailer.


Q) Are your products authentic?

A) All products purchased from us are authentic. You receive a full detailed invoice confirming exactly what you have purchased with all our details present for your records.


Q) How often does your stock/website get updated?

A) On an hourly/daily/weekly basis, so keep an eye on the stock to get updated. There is a latest stock page. On here, as adverts are done they appear in the top left and scroll along, so the top left ad is always the newest. The best way to keep informed of our stock coming in or not yet on the website is to join our mailing list. All you do is put your name and email address in and we send one or two emails maximum per month with full details of upcoming stock.

Q. I tried to purchase an item online, and my credit card was declined. However, the bank shows that the charge was authorized.

A. The bank verified the card number, and authorized the charge amount, but the merchant gateway declined the charge due to some security reason, such as an incorrect address. In this case, funds are NOT transferred from your account to the merchant. Even though no funds were transferred, the pending authorization may reduce your available credit limit or debit card balance until the transaction expires (usually 1 to 3 days). The merchant cannot remove the pending charge, or issue a refund, since no funds were actually transferred.

Q. How or why did this happen?

A. To understand how this happens, you’ll have to understand how credit card transactions are processed. For full explanation, please read the details below.

1. When a buyer places an order, the credit card transaction goes to the merchant's payment gateway provider such as Authorize.Net, who then submits the payment to the issuing bank's authorization system.

2. The relayed information is then processed by your bank (“issuing bank”). Your bank will either approve or decline the transaction based on customer’s available funds. If transaction is declined by your bank, the transaction stops and there is no pending authorization. The customer’s bank account will show transaction declined, and so does the merchant’s processor.

3. If the transaction is approved by your bank, then the transaction goes through a separate security check by the merchant's payment gateway company, who compares the billing information returned by the issuing bank. If customer's address, zip code, or card code do not match the credit card billing information provided by the issuing bank, the payment gateway may decline the transaction based upon merchant’s fraud security settings. This is the reason why your bank says it was approved, but your merchant says it was declined — they are both right. Your bank approved the transaction, but the payment processor declined the transaction. So again, no funds are transferred.

To conclude, the net result of the transaction is a decline, as the payment processor declined the transaction, even though your bank approved it. This transaction will NOT show up on your final credit card statement, as it was declined by the payment processor, and no money will change hands. Your bank will show this transaction as Pending or Approved, and will temporarily hold (“reserve”) funds or available credit until a specific time elapses, usually between 1 and 5 business days.

If payment authorization was attempted multiple times, then multiple “approved” transactions may show as "pending". This may further reduce your available spending or credit limit. But again, these authorized transactions will eventually timeout, and the balance will again be available.