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  • Side Hustle Cities

    Side Hustle Cities

    Many people have been left struggling financially due to reduced income or losing their job entirely, whilst others have been put on furlough – due to the heavy toll of the pandemic. Here at Wholesale Clearance, we have seen an increase in people buying wholesale items to sell on the side for a bit of […] Read More »
  • A Solution to Long-Term Storage Fees with Amazon FBA

    A Solution to Long-Term Storage Fees with Amazon FBA

    Wholesale Clearance UK and Amazon Over the years and increasingly more so recently, Amazon has become a huge part of our customers selling strategy. With the introduction of services like FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) and the Amazon App with barcode scanning and smart advert recognition, it has never been easier to become an Amazon seller. […] Read More »
  • The Best UK Wholesale Trade Shows and Fairs for 2019

    As a buyer and seller it is imperative that you understand the trends in your specific market, and take a keen interest in improving your own business knowledge. Some wholesale trade shows and fairs can be a tiring day out, for sure, but where better to take the pulse of your industry? Attending exhibitions, wholesale […] Read More »
  • Customer Service Fails

    Customer Service Fails

    It never fails to amaze me how so many large companies provide poor service without it ever affecting business. When it comes to small and medium enterprise, it seems that we’re less likely to get away with mistakes and rudeness, because complaints are usually pretty immediate and the buck stops with us. When customer service […] Read More »
  • Can social media make or break your business?

    Can social media make or break your business?

    This week I thought I’d have a quick look at good use of social media and ask, ‘can social media make or break your business?’ I was intrigued to see the furore caused yesterday, 16th April 2018, when the pub chain JD Wetherspoon announced it was quitting its social media accounts. Ironically the vehicle it […] Read More »
  • Why small businesses fail

    Why small businesses fail

    This week we ask, why small businesses fail. As a follow up to my last blog about why big businesses go under, I thought I would write up a companion blog about why small businesses fail. Here at Wholesale Clearance UK, our business relies on the health of small and medium enterprises, so we have […] Read More »
  • Why do big businesses fail?

    Why do big businesses fail?

    Why do big businesses fail with increasing regularity? Some time ago I wrote a blog about Toys R Us and the struggles it was having in the US. At the time all the reading I did seemed to suggest that the European arm of the company would be safe. Unfortunately, yesterday we witnessed both Toys […] Read More »
  • The Ultimate Selling Guide for Small Businesses

    The Ultimate Selling Guide for Small Businesses

    We have decided to start the new year by introducing the ultimate selling guide for small businesses. Wholesale Clearance UK is a family firm, and we recognise the complexities, pressures and challenges of running a small business. Our Blog celebrates its sixth birthday later this year, and in that time we’ve written on every subject […] Read More »
  • The Ghost of Christmas Past: Christmas presents through the decades

    The Ghost of Christmas Past: Christmas presents through the decades

    As I turn my attention to Christmas shopping, I have started to bemoan the cost of things. Call me the Grinch, but you don’t really get much for your money these days do you? I was thinking back to the amount of presents my Mum and Dad were able to provide me with when I […] Read More »
  • Most Wanted Christmas Toys 2017: What’s hot this Christmas?

    We’re midway through October, and if you’re anything like me, plans for Christmas retail have been uppermost in your mind for some time. The big retailers have all released their most wanted Christmas toys 2017 lists, so I decided to take a look and share some of these with you. What are the Most Wanted […] Read More »