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For Fun

Customer Service Fails

It never fails to amaze me how so many large companies provide poor service without it ever affecting business. When it comes to small and medium enterprise, it seems that we’re less likely to get away with mistakes and rudeness, because complaints are usually pretty immediate and the buck stops with us. When customer service […]

Ashes to ashes: unique ways to dispose of your cremated remains

This may not be the cheeriest blog I’ve ever written, and for that I apologise, but you know how these things are. I start reading something and then my mind works overtime and I need to know more! In this case I was thinking about cremated remains and what to do with them! On the […]

The most offensive Halloween costumes of all time?

You’d have to have your head in the sand, or somewhere, in order not to have noticed Halloween is upon us. You may remember when we had some interesting costumes in stock, see here, which was similar to some stock that the supermarkets had. The sale of mental health patient costumes caused a bit of […]

Soggy bottomed buyout? The Great British Bake Off furore

It’s a bit late in the day I know, but I thought I’d add my own eggs to the mix regarding the debate surrounding Britain’s best loved cookery programme, The Great British Bake Off #GBBO. I have to confess to feeling pretty gutted that #GBBO is moving channels. Not so much that it is shifting […]

Sports not in the Olympics

Facebook Rugby Sevens made its first appearance at an Olympics this year and has been a phenomenal success. My Dad (dyed in the wool footie fan, not the most tolerant of non working class sports it has to be said – best not to comment on which football team he supports) actually admitted to enjoying […]

Farewell to Louis van Gaal and 9 other famous sackings

It may seem strange to people who don’t understand the machinations of British football, but yes, Louis van Gaal was sacked as Manchester United boss within 48 hours of his side winning the FA Cup, beating Crystal Palace 2-1. Rumours have abounded that Jose Mourinho was due to take his place for weeks, and it […]

Top 10 best April Fools jokes ever

The tradition for an April Fool’s day is a long one and is recognised around the world. The Roman festival of Hilaria, the Holi festival of India, and the Medieval Feast of Fools are all said to be precursors of what we not understand to be April Fool’s Day. In Western culture, notably in the […]

Attack of the Poorly Made Clones

There’s been quite a bit of official tat produced in the name of Lucasarts sprawling space opera, but at least it all passed basic health and safety regulations. These imported fake Star Wars figures and bootleg toys are such crude appropriations of Phantom Menace characters that just looking at them is a trip to uncanny […]

Ten things that are a perfect 10

I’ve become obsessed with perfection. Perfectly obsessed about things that are a perfect 10. Perfection is entirely subjective though, isn’t it? Here’s my list. 10. The most perfect woman In a poll published in The Daily Mail at the beginning of 2015, Kate Moss, Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson were all voted into the top 10 […]

Brands Back from the Brink

Toys ‘R’ Us, the shop of many a 90s child’s dreams recently filed for bankruptcy protection in the US and Canada. The emotional outpouring has been intense, but does it necessarily spell the end for the company? These days you often read about companies just like Toys ‘R’ Us going bust. With such a competitive […]

Emoji PIN for the win!

I nearly had heart failure the other day when the security software I use on my laptop suggested that my password was one that hackers regularly try out when they infiltrate people’s accounts. I changed it immediately of course, and then the next time I logged in had completely forgotten what I had changed it […]

We are the champions, my friends!*

You may recall that back in December we asked you to vote for us in The Wholesale Forums Web Awards 2014, see the original blog post here . Well nominations ended on 7th December and voting continued until 4th January. Now I’ve paid my dues, time after time, I’ve done my sentence but committed no […]

Weird, wonderful and crazy business ideas

I have been reading the furore surrounding the American Julien Blanc with interest. Julien Blanc is possibly the world’s saddest man. He’s a self-styled ‘pick-up artist’ (a PUA) who preaches some fairly aggressive and obnoxious tactics to ‘help’ men get women into bed through manipulation and coercion. You wouldn’t think this was the twenty-first century […]

HR for fun: Sad, bad and funny firing stories

Following on from last time’s look at hiring a new employee, I thought we could have a little light relief and so I have looked out some sad, bad and funny firing stories that I’ve found around the web. April Fool’s Day Prank goes very wrong “I’d just got to work to find my boss […]

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: mug jokes!

Roll up, roll up, get yer mug jokes right here… [/caption]Keeping on with our World Cup Tournament 2014 England cup theme *cough cough* and following on from our last blog about our Chris Smalling England mugs (you know the ones with our good friend Barack Obama appearing for the England team in the World Cup […]

Mock the Week? Fame at last!

Infamy, infamy! They’ve all got it in for me! Did you see us on Mock the Week last night? Did you? If you missed it try catching us here while you still can! Have you watched it? Watch it again! It’s us! If you need further explanation, read on! Yes we featured on Mock the […]

Excuses, excuses, excuses: taking a sick day

I need to elicit some sympathy from you all here. I have recently been sick; in fact I am still sick. I’m not usually the type that gets poorly very easily and only suffer occasional colds and sore throats. But this time I have what is apparently generically known as ‘A Virus’. I don’t believe […]

Ten Ways to Commit Career Suicide

I’ve been thinking a little recently about office pranks. That’s what the British summer does for you. Now, while we all want to work with people who pro-actively work to build up our business and help us streamline processes and make it the best business it can be, there are times when you have colleagues […]

Smashing ideas: reusing your old (or new) plates

So you’ve bought a Joblot of 50 Royal Princess 2013 Celebration plates in pretty pink from us. What are you going to do with them? You’re probably thinking that there is nothing useful that can be done with a load of plates created on the whim of somebody who was completely misinformed about the sex […]

A crock of gold? Our Princess of Cambridge plates!

We all knew the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were going to be safely delivered of a Princess, didn’t we? The world was agog, waiting for news. Rumours in the media were rife. The Sun noted on 5th July 2013 for example, The Sun that she was expecting a daughter. Entertainmentwise.com wrote that The Duchess’s […]

It’s Wimbledon! Let’s make a racquet for Andy Murray

I’m very excited because Wimbledon 2013 starts today and for two weeks it will be a complete tennis fest. I’m a big fan and I’ve always loved Mr Dour Scot himself, Andy Murray. He’s 27 now and I find myself wondering how much longer he’ll continue. I hope it’s a while because there doesn’t seem […]

Top Ten Ways to Cheer Yourself Up!

The weather is weird at the moment isn’t it? Or is that just me being too polite? The weather is atrocious and it’s bringing me down. After the appalling summer we had last year it seems only fair that we have a brilliant summer this year. Sadly that doesn’t appear to be on the cards. […]

15 Absurd Examples of Management Speak

I was watching The Apprentice last night when I was reminded that I had been meaning to write this article for a while. Does anyone else find The Apprentice really stressful? All that anger, angst and bitchiness, and lots of people running around like headless chickens without a clue of what to do or how […]

10001 Uses (or thereabouts) for 10000 Lance Armstrong DVDs

So what does one do with 10,000 Lance Armstrong DVDs? It turns out you can actually do quite a lot with them and in spite of what the national press might think, here at wholesaleclearance.co.uk we can be incredibly creative. Here are some fabulous ideas. Please try these at home! Create a fabulous ear ring […]