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Smashing ideas: reusing your old (or new) plates Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

Oops. We did it again …

So you’ve bought a Joblot of 50 Royal Princess 2013 Celebration plates in pretty pink from us. What are you going to do with them? You’re probably thinking that there is nothing useful that can be done with a load of plates created on the whim of somebody who was completely misinformed about the sex of the Royal baby. Well you’re completely wrong! I’ve found hundreds of uses for old plates. Hundreds I tell you! Alright, a few anyway.
Smashing ideas: reusing your old (or new) plates Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

We don’t have to package them carefully if you would like them to come to you ready broken

Suggestions from the staff here at Wholesale Clearance UK include that we should wait for baby number two – Kate has intimated that she wants two children – and hope that the second one is a girl. Then we can sell them for a considerable profit. Are you not convinced? OK.
Smashing ideas: reusing your old (or new) plates Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

Break dancing

Probably my favourite suggestion was to have a plate smashing contest. There are instructions on the internet for Greek dancing and while I am reliably informed that the Greeks don’t like to smash plates anymore, it was an interesting tradition. So why not learn some Greek dancing and have a little fun with plate smashing? There’s a great video right here

How about you save them up for Christmas and give them out as the worst Secret Santa ever? Or, if you like extreme sports, while the sun is shining this summer take them down to the park and have a dangerous game of Frisbee. Warning: plates are not recommended for use with dogs that have teeth. If you do have pets you could recycle the plates as dog food bowls of course. Dogs don’t tend to be fussy what they eat off, and I’m thinking of packaging a few up and sending to the Royal corgis.

Smashing ideas: reusing your old (or new) plates Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

Mmm… I like my cake stands complete with cakes

If you have friends who tend to borrow things and never bring them back, or you like to makes pies, cakes and pastries and give them to friends but never get the plates back – a stock of Princess plates would be perfect. You can give them away willy nilly and never worry that the plates will fail to come home. Similarly, if you take things into work to share with colleagues, you can use these plates for that purpose and again it won’t matter whether they go walkies. Alternatively, drill a few holes and create a cake stand!

If you like to have ‘proper’ crockery when you go camping or on picnics, these Baby Princess plates are perfect for this job. It won’t matter if they get broken and they’re more eco-friendly than plastic plates.
What about the current vogue for ‘shabby chic’? To my mind this has to be one of the dullest fads around. Get a load of cheap new stuff that’s poorly made and pretend it’s vintage by calling it ‘shabby chic.’ If you know someone who is into this kind of stuff why not create them a shabby chic picnic basket. Go to a fabric shop and buy a square of red and white check gingham. Line a box or a basket with the fabric. Add some Royal Princess plates and et voila. Ready-made shabby chic. Attach a Cath Kidstone tag and you’re sorted. You can sell the whole thing for an exorbitant price in a high end shop in an arboretum too, no doubt.

Smashing ideas: reusing your old (or new) plates Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

Pretty Princess plant plate!

My Mum’s personal favourite is to use plates as plant stands. She sets ordinary terracotta plant stands onto old and mismatched plates. Every plant in her house seems to be sat on a little piece of family history. Arrr bless. I think a Princess Royal plate sat underneath the family aspidistra would be quite amusing really.

What about using plates as art resources? Even if you don’t want to use them yourself you could hand them onto the local primary school. Besides hanging plates as art (maybe not in this case) you can recycle them to use in several projects. The plates need to be broken (that’s the fun part) and then for safety sake you can file the edges. Glue the backs (or the fronts) onto things … could be your wall, inside or outside, a table top or into picture or mirror frames.

Smashing ideas: reusing your old (or new) plates Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

Tiles of style

Mosaics are a great way to recycle broken plates. You can decorate the entire surface of a coffee table or picture frame with pieces of Royal Princess plates. You could take an old wine bottle or colourful vase and artistically place pieces of your plates over these. You can cut and re-paint plates if you want to and then file the edges down. Use beads, marbles, pebbles, seashells or even artificial flowers. Add to your plate collection by shopping in charity shops. Create beautiful displays. You can cover a stepping stone for the garden, create a lamp base for your living room, the world is your oyster. All you need is a pair of tile nippers and some glue and some coloured grout. Check out this video for some more advice

You can also transform your plates into jewellery by cutting them into shapes and filing the edges. Decorate with metallic markers and add beads etc. Add a drop of heavy duty glue to the back and attach an earring back. Ta dah!

Smashing ideas: reusing your old (or new) plates Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

Learn to spin!

Finally, the most fun you can have with the Joblot of 50 Royal Princess 2013 Celebration plates would have to be to take up plate spinning. Check out Coach Bob right here – Coach Bob who can show you how it’s done. He looks like a 118 118 commercial reject but the video is actually really fun and informative. Then when you think ‘hey, that looks easy’ have a look at this truly awesome display of plate spinning from the Chinese – the Beijing Acrobat Show from 2007. Just wow!

What else can you do with our Princess plates? What would you do with one? Let us know ;p

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