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What to Sell

The Ultimate Selling Guide for Small Businesses

We have decided to start the new year by introducing the ultimate selling guide for small businesses. Wholesale Clearance UK is a family firm, and we recognise the complexities, pressures and challenges of running a small business. Our Blog celebrates its sixth birthday later this year, and in that time we’ve written on every subject […]

Bargain wholesale stock! Our wholesale bankrupt stock auctions

Exciting news here at Wholesale Clearance UK! If you hadn’t already noticed, we have started running liquidated stock auctions. This is a great opportunity for you to get your eager hands on some fabulous bargains because it can sometimes be difficult to find wholesale stock at rock bottom prices! There’s free signup and the bidding […]

The Best UK Wholesale Trade Shows & Fairs for 2018 | Wholesale Clearance

The Best UK Wholesale Trade Shows & Fairs for 2018 As a wholesaler, heading to trade shows, fairs and exhibitions with my trusty X-banner stand can be a tiring, but highly rewarding experience. Meeting new suppliers, learning about the latest trends and generally networking with others in retailing and the e-commerce industry can help take […]

Fun facts about Playboy

We always have a large number of Playboy products for sale, see HERE, because they’re really good sellers as you would expect from an instantly recognizable global brand. They do well on eBay, in shops and on markets stalls alike, so you can’t go wrong. Have you ever wondered about the stratospheric branding success of […]

Weird, wonderful and crazy business ideas

I have been reading the furore surrounding the American Julien Blanc with interest. Julien Blanc is possibly the world’s saddest man. He’s a self-styled ‘pick-up artist’ (a PUA) who preaches some fairly aggressive and obnoxious tactics to ‘help’ men get women into bed through manipulation and coercion. You wouldn’t think this was the twenty-first century […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas: Toys to sell for Christmas 2014

Christmas is coming and the big toy chains are getting fat. Predictions for the big winners among toys this year include dolls, Lego and some new technology as always. The Toy Retailers Association have published their annual Dream Toys chart, where they list the predicted bestselling toys this Christmas. This year, for Christmas 2014, they […]

An A-Z of shoe styles

A few weeks ago in this blog I was talking about the closure of several shoe chains and pointing out that if you are thinking of starting a business, whether it’s online, a market stall or in actual premises, a shoe shop might be a great business to get off the ground. Everyone needs shoes […]

Build a bonfire, build a bonfire: discounting items for sale on eBay, the how, when and why.

So that might be the longest title I have ever used in this blog but I wanted somehow to get a link in to bonfire night given that it’s November the 5th, however tenuous it might be. But in my mind the link is that instead of burning unwanted stock – let’s sell it for […]

In for a penny, in for a pound: the rise and rise of the Pound shop

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day who owns a sweet seaside gift shop that sells a wide range of mid-priced gifts. She mentioned that without the cheaper pound shop lines that she offers, she would be in serious trouble some days. She has to work hard to take […]

Awaiting a Royal Delivery

Here at Wholesale Clearance UK we are waiting with baited breath for news about the Royal baby. Will it be a prince or a princess? What will the name be? I’ll bet there are sweepstakes all over the country. Whatever you think about the Royal Family – you may be a fan or not – […]

It’s Wimbledon! Let’s make a racquet for Andy Murray

I’m very excited because Wimbledon 2013 starts today and for two weeks it will be a complete tennis fest. I’m a big fan and I’ve always loved Mr Dour Scot himself, Andy Murray. He’s 27 now and I find myself wondering how much longer he’ll continue. I hope it’s a while because there doesn’t seem […]

Here comes the bride: selling for the wedding industry

We are currently acting as broker for a rather fabulous Joblot of mixed wedding accessories see https://www.wholesaleclearance.co.uk/one-off-wholesale-lot-of-mixed-wedding-accessories.htm which includes 99x Fascinators (that’s the little flowery decoration things that women wear in their hair, chaps), 33 hats, 108 Tiaras and Combs, Slides, Clips & Pins, brooches, bracelets, necklace and earring sets, Boxes, Stands & Charts, Swarovski […]

Diversifying your stock offer

In these difficult economic times, running a small business can be extremely hard work. In spite of news items suggesting that online retail sales have rocketed (Retail Gazette for example, reports that ‘online retail sales rose 16 per cent year-on-year last month (March 2013), driven by clothing sales despite the freezing weather’) you may be […]

Beat the Spare Bedoom Tax! Start your business today!

As of today, the Coalition Government’s new welfare policies come into force. They include changes to council tax and cuts to housing benefit for some social housing tenants with a spare room. According to Duncan Smith, Work and Pensions Secretary, the Government want to restructure British culture so that “people find work always pays”. Traditionally […]

Sixth scents: sourcing the right bargain fragrances

Aromatherapy is a twentieth century word for an ancient practice. Humans have utilised essential oils for medicinal practice for over 6000 years. The scent of essential oil and incense has been proven time and time again to enhance your psychological and physical wellbeing and so while such fragrances have at times dipped in and out […]