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What Sells Best on eBay? And The Best Things to Sell for Profit 2022

What sells best on eBay? And the Best Things to Sell for Profit 2022 Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

What sells best on eBay? And the Best Things to Sell for Profit 2022

Anyone can sell on eBay.

However, to be successful takes hard work and a considered strategy.
One of the keys to becoming a profitable seller on eBay is a desirable inventory.

Although time-consuming to track the latest trends, it’s a necessary evil – even established sellers struggle to shift products that customers don’t want.
Consumers’ needs are constantly changing.

Whether it be following the hottest new trends or reacting to global changes – as we’ve seen with the COVID-19 pandemic – knowing what to stock and who you can target is a must.

You can do this by:


When you’re brainstorming, it’s okay to think outside the box – if anything, it’s essential.

Creating a selling persona is one way of doing this. Let’s create a basic example.
We’ll call our persona David. David is aged 30, with a steady, 35k a year job. He is interested in sports, staying healthy, fashion and technology.

He normally finds himself shopping on his mobile and likes finding good deals. He usually shops during his lunch break on his phone at work, or on his tablet at home in the evenings or at weekends.

By breaking down our persona, we can imagine they’d likely be interested in sports, tech and fashion items.

Checking The Market

If you’re struggling with ideas on where to begin, review the market. Many places – like Amazon’s ‘Movers and Shakers’ section, Google trends or even looking at the news – can kickstart ideas on what to begin buying and selling.

Google Trends’ range of drop-down menus allow you to sort by country, date and region – letting you view real-life markets you might be able to tap into.

What sells best on eBay? And the Best Things to Sell for Profit 2022 Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

E-commerce giant, Amazon, offers a similar tool on their ‘best sellers’ page. Updated every hour, users get an insight into popular goods and categories that are selling well. This lets sellers gauge key trends to jump on in real-time.

What sells best on eBay? And the Best Things to Sell for Profit 2022 Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

It’s also worth looking at the ‘Movers and Shakers’ page that gives products a ‘sales rank’ based on how many people are browsing and buying. This can also be a good indicator of a product’s performance.

What sells best on eBay? And the Best Things to Sell for Profit 2022 Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

eBay’s ‘explore’ tool offers similar features. Merchants can view graphs and information on the highest and lowest performing products to assess what products might be good to target.

What sells best on eBay? And the Best Things to Sell for Profit 2022 Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

Head To Trade Fairs

If you’re starting out, trade fairs serve as a beacon of inspiration. Networking at these events helps you gain valuable market insights from more knowledgeable sellers – and many of them will be happy to point you in the right direction.
As well as individual sellers, there are often large companies that attend. And they often telegraph their forecasts and predictions for what products are going to be big hits and ones that will flop, giving you inside information to help you make the right picks.

Checking Foreign Dealers For Better Prices

There are a vast range of bargains to be found on wholesale websites if you branch out internationally.
Alibaba.com – one of the most commonly used sites, for example – uses category pages and ‘Top Selected Suppliers’ section to help users sift through the best deals.

However, be careful as a lot of wholesalers have minimum purchase requirements to get the cheapest offers – something that Wholesale Clearance UK doesn’t do.
It’s best to steer clear of branded items.

By ordering big-name brands from overseas, you could end up with fake goods. If a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is.
Buying the right products isn’t an exact science.

Unfortunately, striking a balance between identifying popular products and matching consumer demand is difficult due to factors like conflicting trend information or oversaturation in the market.

The Ten Most Popular Things to Sell on eBay in 2022

What sells best on eBay? And the Best Things to Sell for Profit 2022 Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

Here’s our current list of the most popular things to sell on eBay, based on our in-depth research*.

1) Fabric
Fabrics are in increasingly popular demand, with sales eclipsing that of other products – and eBay is a hotbed for fabric sales. Whether you’re using them in the home or taking up a long-term arts and crafts hobby, there are plenty of bargains if you’re looking to buy and big opportunities if you’re selling.
Total sold: 11,601,301

1) DVDs – With the popularity of streaming services rising, demand and sales figures for DVDs are surprisingly high. If you’ve got a bevy of old DVDs you no longer watch, there’s money to be made right under your nose.
Total sold: 6,818,873

3) Women’s dresses – When you think of second-hand clothes, you might think of apps like Depop before heading to eBay. However, with this category producing some of the highest sales figures, you could find what you’re looking for in the eBay market – or make a bit of cash yourself!
Total sold: 6,762,933

4) Bikes – It’s no secret that bikes are expensive. Whether you’re looking for a transport solution for yourself or upgrading for your growing child, bargains can be found all over the eBay marketplace.
Total sold: 4,999,020

5) Tables – Large home centrepieces are also expensive. With people turning their attention to Facebook Marketplace for cheap home improvements, it’s worth considering eBay as an alternative, with millions of people selling tables on the platform.
Total sold: 4,360,377

6) Watches – In a world where expensive brands are highly desirable, a second-hand option means people can look good without breaking the bank. If you’re looking to offload some pricey timepieces, eBay has a lucrative market with many eager buyers.
Total sold: 3,891,444

7) Men’s T-shirts – Similarly to women’s garments, getting a bargain is easy with the range of options available on eBay. With a high volume of men’s t-shirts being sold on the site, there’s an opportunity to make money off clothes that would otherwise gather dust in the wardrobe.
Total sold: 3,775,863

8) Coins – There’s currently a boom in the rare coin market – with prices reaching all-time highs. Because collectors are looking to pick up bargains to trade or re-sell, it’s a lucrative time to dust off any rare coins.
Total sold: 3,775,863

9) Mobile case covers – As new phones become increasingly expensive to buy, protecting them is important to consumers. Cases and other mobile accessories will continue to be a popular seller’s choice for a while.
Total sold: 2,614,630

10) Hand sanitisers – With things only just returning to normality after the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that hand sanitiser remains a popular purchase. This opens the door for anyone with a hefty stockpile to make some of their money back.
Total sold: 2,386,125

The Top Ten Grossing Products and Brands on eBay

What sells best on eBay? And the Best Things to Sell for Profit 2022 Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

The best-selling and top grossing products on eBay 2022 are:

1) Watches – £249.4 million
2) Bikes – £208.9 million
3) Fabric – £197.3 million
4) Tables – £169.9 million
5) Women’s dresses – £84.2 million
6) Dumbbells – £75.8 million
7) DVDs – £65.7 million
8) Headphones – £63.7 million
9) Men’s T-shirts – £42 million
10) Women’s boots – £41.9

Here are the top grossing branded items in each product category:

Apple Watch Series 6 – £382k
RoadHog Ebike – £186k
Silky Satin Dress Fabric – £50k
Rattan Corner Sofa – £610k
Joules Jessica Short Sleeve Dress – £39k
Hex Dumbbells – £80k
No Time to Die (2022) – £118k
Apple AirPods Pro – £136k
Fruit of Loom T Shirts – £172k
Knee High Fetish Boots – £108k

Most Expensive Products Sold in a One-off Auction

What sells best on eBay? And the Best Things to Sell for Profit 2022 Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

Most expensive products sold on eBay from each category in a one-off auction:

Fashion: Audemars Piquet Perpetual Calendar Royal Oak Watch – £261,138.87
Sports, Hobbies & Leisure: Gibson Les Paul Guitar Used By John Miles 1957/59 – £65,126.76
Collectibles & Art: 2 Pound Coin 1807 Abolition Of The Slave Trade – 2007 Coin – £64,879.35
Business, Office & Industrial Supplies: Case Puma 215 Tractor 2014 – £56,046.36
Home Garden: Mark Stoddart Bronze hippo coffee table – £15,888.82
Electronics: Asus Zenith II Extreme Ryzen Threadripper 39990X
Media: One-Off Coldplay Champion Of The World 7-Inch Vinyl

The Top Ten Most Sold Brands on eBay

What sells best on eBay? And the Best Things to Sell for Profit 2022 Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

When it comes to the biggest names, the most sold brands on eBay are:

1. Apple – 19,634,533
2. Samsung – 13,074,571
3. Huawei – 3,795,799
4. Lego – 2,623,852
5. Snap-on – 2,193,526
6. Pandora – 1,039,567
7. Makita – 1,020,780
8. Dewalt – 954,904
9. Hornby – 646,039
10. IKEA – 598,449

Top Ten Grossing Brands on eBay

What sells best on eBay? And the Best Things to Sell for Profit 2022 Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

The top 10 most sold brands on eBay are:
1) Apple – £438.4 million
2) Samsung – £200.3 million
3) LEGO – £51.2 million
4) DEWALT – £48.3 million
5) Makita – £44.7 million
6) Rolex – £43.6 million
7) Land Rover – £36.7 million
8) Dyson – £34.9 million
9) Huawei – £34.2 million
10) Snap-on – £30.7 million

What sells best on eBay? And the Best Things to Sell for Profit 2022 Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

For businesses looking to flog inventory, or individuals looking to make some quick cash, you might already be sitting on items that have a surprisingly high value.

For example, the sudden boom in coin collecting has caused rare editions to become a commodity. And because they’re everywhere, there’s a likelihood individuals are harbouring rare coins without them even knowing – making it a simple way to generate some quick cash.

Given only 62% of eBay coin sales are ‘new’, it appears many are trading second-hand pieces, making it easy for individuals or wholesalers to turn a profit. So, it’s worth checking behind the sofa and using rare coin sites to see if you have any matches.

With art also growing to be a trending commodity – especially online – vinyl records are proving lucrative. The percentage of new vinyl records is low at 33%, exposing a growing market for trading vintage items.

Because vinyl records hold their value, and specific artwork and musical artists are highly desirable, trading them is easy and profitable if you can find the right products.
Wristwatches are also surprisingly profitable. Because high-end watches diminish very little in value and retail value is high, you don’t have to sell many of them to gross highly. With 1.5 million wristwatch sales on eBay – and a grossing figure ten times that – keeping an eye on this market can turn over sizeable profits.

Surprising Things That Sell on eBay

There are many helpful habits that wholesalers and individual sellers can adopt to increase their margins, ranging from simple listing changes to better understanding the markets you’re targeting.

Simple changes start with making sure you’re viewed as a reputable seller. You can do this by:

– Taking high-quality pictures of your items
– Making sure you complete all fields when listing products

– Using accurate logos, descriptions and categories when listing

– Improving customer service by ensuring safe and timely shipping

– Being proactive in seeking buyer feedback.

To Make Sure Your Optimising Your Sales

You should also:

– Make use of eBay’s promoted listings feature to rank higher for your products

– Consider starting with lower bid prices to entice customers

– Consider lengthening your returns window as this is an attractive perk for prospective shoppers

– Conduct market research, price competitively and consider the condition, age, and demand of your product

How Much Does The Average UK eBay Seller Make

According to recent data, the average salary of an eBay Seller based in the UK is around £29,000 a year.

On average, selling 15 items turns a profit of nearly £500.
However, changes to eBay’s payment systems may impact profits, as the platform moves away from PayPal and towards direct bank account transactions.

Originally, eBay would charge a flat 10% rate on any sale, with 2.9% going to PayPal, meaning a 13% ‘tax’ on goods sold on the site.
With PayPal’s additional fees now out of the equation, sellers can reap the rewards of a reduced 12.8% tax – this means more in your pocket.

Why Not Browse Our Site

At Wholesale Clearance, we offer advice and guidance on how to buy and sell on eBay, as well as boasting a huge selection of bankrupt stock.

See what gems you can uncover today!

We also recommend checking out The Wholesale Forums for more advice, too. Here, you’ll find information on buying and selling goods and news on the hottest trends to kickstart your selling journey.


What sells best on eBay? And the Best Things to Sell for Profit 2022 Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

Wholesale Clearance used eBay’s own market research tool, Terapeak, to identify top sold and top grossing products and brands over the past year. Data was collected from February 2021 – February 2022.

All top popular topics & brands according to eBay’s all categories, were inputted individually into Terapeak.

Each brand and product was subsequently ranked.

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Alan SaundersApril 1st, 2017 at 6:56 pm

Thank you for a well thought out and inspirational article!
All Disney, right back to ‘Bambi’, Mickey Mouse etc., is still popular and I fully expect genuine ‘Frozen’ merchandise to appear on the surplus market in 2017.
You are absolutely right to be careful of counterfeit goods. Some years ago my neighbour, writer and illustrator of ‘Maisie Mouse’, was congratulated for the appearance, unknown to her, of children’s bedding decorated with her character sold in ‘British Home Stores’. Naturally, this large chain-store immediately withdrew the range.

Go on, search for ‘Maisie Mouse’ and help my ex neighbour and friend Lucy Cousins. My six-eight-year old daughter inspired some of the plot-lines. Generally, they deal with everyday situations for a small child. The Japanese video translation is delightful!

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PhilipSeptember 16th, 2018 at 4:46 pm

A highly relevant (crucial even) issue is shipping cost. The difference between a ‘Large Letter’ and a ‘Small Packet’ can double the cost of postage. I sell books and this is a major issue. Flat things, under 750 grams have an inbuilt agvantage if you are posting on modest quatities. People do like Free Shipping.

Dan GrahamMarch 11th, 2019 at 5:34 pm

forget ebay its been dead for a long time now for sellers with chine wholesalers dominating the markets!

Cloverleaf4June 11th, 2020 at 10:39 am

E-bay is not entirely dead but doesn’t help itself either. In a nutshell, there have been too many idiots who can easily sign up and behave like an absolute weapon.
I have recently reported a seller on several occasions for ‘selling’ cars which I don’t believe they own. On one occasion I counted over 500 classic cars listed by a private seller who had lots of positive feedback but none as a seller. One vehicle worth about £ 6k had one listing starting at £2200 with no bids but also listed at over £60k with bids, a vehicle which I had seen listed previously under genuine circumstances. As an Alfa ‘follower’ I know this to be true.
The ads were removed but the feedback ‘report listing’ is a minimal tick box affair, useless really. This is what has partly killed ebay and all the people who fail to turn up etc