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Toys ‘R’ Us, the shop of many a 90s child’s dreams recently filed for bankruptcy protection in the US and Canada. The emotional outpouring has been intense, but does it necessarily spell the end for the company?

These days you often read about companies just like Toys ‘R’ Us going bust. With such a competitive and often over saturated marketplace there is little wiggle room for any mistakes. It only takes one wrong campaign or decision to put a company in trouble, and even the biggest and best can fall. Once the downward trend begins, it can be hard to reverse. That doesn’t mean it is impossible though.
So, what about the companies who have made a comeback? The companies that refused to walk gently into the good night to rest in the business graveyard of dead companies. The ones that managed to rise back up to match or pass their former glory.
We have created a list of our favourite examples in ‘Brands Back from the Brink’. Some companies have been saved by an enigmatic business leader, some have seen their product coming back into fashion and some have employed a clever marketing strategy. We have collected a list of the most interesting examples, so buckle up as we take a corporate roller-coaster ride in ‘Brands Back from the Brink’.

Brands Back from the Brink Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

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Brands Back from the Brink Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

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