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Remember when we ran our fabulously awesome A-Z of shoe styles way back in February 2014? Go on, you do! If you’ve forgotten it or you want a recap check it out here.

It was a great blog and it garnered a fair amount of attention. The thing is that many people don’t know a kitten heel from a spool heel and so we decided that if anyone wanted to start a business selling shoes it would be a really good idea to be able to tell all the varieties of shoes apart, so we wrote an in depth shoe guide.

Well the descriptions in that shoe guide really helped, but now look what I have for you – an instant reference shoe guide poster of your very own -an infographic shoe guide that you can refer to whenever you need reminding of what type of shoe you’re selling (or wearing).

Not only does this wonderful piece of artwork have all your shoes on it, it also explains how comfortable (or not) each shoe is. Now this is valuable for all those men among this blog’s readership who wouldn’t have a clue about the comfort levels of shoes. Let’s give you an example. Wearing a stiletto heel is about as uncomfortable as it gets. Imagine putting a marble sized piece of burning coal between your big toe and the second toe and balancing on that, and imagine that your centre of gravity tips you forward and you have to rebalance yourself constantly. Then imagine that when you wear them, everyone assumes your IQ has dropped by about 80 points, and if you need to run for a bus or away from a Gruffalo you just can’t do it. Fun, eh?

Anyway, here’s your instant reference shoe guide. Enjoy it – I’m off to try on some pink jelly shoes* now. ShoeAdviser has got some of the best shoes that fits you too and they occasionally announce promotions.

*In the interests of research only.

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