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Wholesale Clearance UK and Amazon
Over the years and increasingly more so recently, Amazon has become a huge part of our customers selling strategy. With the introduction of services like FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) and the Amazon App with barcode scanning and smart advert recognition, it has never been easier to become an Amazon seller.
Traditionally, we have (and still are) been a supplier of brand-new stock and low prices that customers can sell on Amazon including items such as clothing, footwear, cosmetics, gift stock, toys, novelty, tools and much much more. Our prices are as little as 5% of the original RRP leaving plenty of room for profit.
You check out all of our available stock on the website or drop us an email if you want any help.
The flipside of buying stock is also, sometimes, you may end up with overstock. This can happen for a number of reasons such as:
– Some items may not sell as quickly or as successfully as hoped
– You change business direction
– You get priced out of the market
– The item sales diminish
– You have stock at FBA that is coming close to the higher long-term storage fees period
Of course, there are many more reasons, but ultimately, the end result is the same – you may need to offload stock.
We can offer you multiple solutions to help realise capital for your unwanted stock, the majority of which are completely fee free for you and in all cases, commission free too.
Stranded FBA Stock
If you have stock at one of Amazon’s FBA centres, you can create a removal order for your items. Sounds pretty straight forward right? Well, it can be…but also can be a logistical nightmare!
When you create a removal order, Amazon will kindly ship the items to your selected address. Now, if you have multiple different ASINs, possibly some returns too – Amazon have a habit of sending these items out in a bit of a scattergun approach, with multiple deliveries over multiple days.
We can take away that stress by helping you by either buying your stock, helping you presell to one of our thousands of customers or fulfilling it from our warehouse on a wholesale basis. A couple of case studies for you:

Case Study One. Amazon overstock sold on our platform
For example, we assisted a seller who had 15,000 items over 9 ASINS stored with Amazon. The seller took advantage of our free sellers account and listed their items line by line on our website. We had a buyer that made an offer on all the stock (as it was all of a similar genre) which the seller accepted. When the seller created a removal order, the items came to us in some cases one piece at a time, then a box of 20, boxes of a few hundred then more singular boxes and so on. The whole delivery process was approximately two weeks.
The buyer was aware that it was an Amazon removal and may take a little longer to get to them, but they were happier to get it in one delivery rather than the near 30 we had!

Case Study Two. Network sales and distribution
A seller provided us with a breakdown of their stock and we sent it through our network of targeted buyers for that product as well as our bulk distribution arms. We were able to move the stock as a whole to a partner keeping it nice and streamlined. This is a great way to move stock effectively, but it is usually also the lowest form of remuneration for a seller.

Case Study Three. Wholesale Clearance Fulfilment
In cases where stock needs to be moved quickly due to long term storage kicking in or just simply to get it from Amazon’s warehousing and it is deemed to be potentially fast moving or popular wholesale item, we will take it in.
We will then market it as a whole or break it into smaller wholesale lots to sell off.
There are no storage fees or commissions payable for this, it is simply a 60/40 split of the sale in the favour of the stock owner. You can find more about this by emailing us on [email protected] and we will send you our powerpoint presentation covering all aspects of this option.
For more information on purchasing stock from us, selling to us or selling through us – email us on [email protected] or call 01202 668817 or contact me, Andy White on 07837 060911.

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