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The Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll over the past year. Many people have been left struggling financially due to reduced income or losing their job entirely, whilst others have been put on furlough.
Here at Wholesale Clearance, we have seen an increase in people buying wholesale items to sell on the side to make a bit of extra money. So that got us thinking, where in the UK is this entrepreneurship happening the most?
We analysed Google Search data from the beginning of March to the latest available date of the top 25 most populated cities to find out. The money-making schemes analysed included becoming an influencer, completing surveys, trading stocks, and data entry just to name a few.
These were the top 10 cities most interested in side hustles:
1. London
2. Birmingham
3. Bristol
4. Glasgow
5. Manchester
6. Leeds
7. Edinburgh
8. Liverpool
9. Sheffield
10. Coventry
It is no surprise to see London top the chart as the Side Hustle Capital of the UK. Right behind London was Birmingham in 2nd and Bristol in 3rd.
Lower down the end of the table, Southampton, Hull, and Cardiff rounded off the bottom of the table as the cities where people were not doing side hustles.
The increased time at home due to Covid-19 has given many the much-needed opportunity to clear out their old belongings, or the time to learn different many making techniques. Whether it is selling old clothes or learning the stock market, people’s interest in making money on the side has never been greater.
To find out more and explore the dataset fully, you can click the link to the interactive

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