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Hi Everyone,

So we have reached the final episode of our business running secrets blog. Here we are going to share our final hints and tips on how to give your business the best chance of survival.
If you have missed any of our previous blogs there all available to read in the Wholesale Clearance UK blog archive.

So lets pick up where we started off…

4. Feedback – It’s a word that gets many online traders shivering in their boots, and we can’t blame them. If your using eBay, Amazon etc… then we understand the problems you can often face when being left feedback on your products and services. But there’s an different perspective you can have on feedback whether your store is online or offline. It’s simple, if you own a store and a customer walks in “Hi, our shops new so feel free to have a browse around, any questions we will help you best we can, also we appreciate you input and feedback, as were always looking to improve” When a customer comes to purchase a product the same again “Did you find everything you were looking for, [Make friendly conversation perhaps find out why the buyer bought this item, who for so you can gain a better understanding of your market], finally as our shop is rather new were always looking for feedback on our shop, products, services etc… So if you like the product then please feel free to come back in and let us know – The same applies for if you dislike the product, but were sure you wont”

Starting Up A Business - The Final Chapter...  Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

Not all feedback has to be as boring as this!!

If you work online then this same message can be sent out in a leaflet with every order. Now, here’s where the 2 pieces of feedback are linked. Because you have explained to your customer you are new, and always looking to communicate with customers about products, services, layout etc… Customers become much more open, and much more understanding. This format of working for your first 3 – 6 months can become so affective, what’s better than that is this is something, which can easily be modified no matter how long you have been open.

5. Grow – Finally. Grow. You have had the guts to start up your business, don’t be afraid in changing things, think about your appearance and target market and invest in yourself. You may have spent £1,000’s on a website when you first opened up but if that was 5 years ago then it maybe time for a change. Social Media is a powerful tool, make the most of it. Keep track of your customers, the longer you have been open the more customers you should have, the more stock you should be ordering, the more sales you should be making. If that starts to change don’t hide or avoid it, send out promotions via e-Mail and Social Media, host event days with prizes, host a sale. The list is endless.

Most importantly, from all of us here at Wholesale Clearance UK we would like to wish you the best of luck!

Have fun & enjoy!

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