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So we ended last week rather sharply… But I am sure the last blog has kept you busy to say the least. If you and your business have been able to make it to the final instalment for setting up your own business then you’re everything you need to be to make your business work.

So as I said in the end of last week’s blogs, from here on out the plans become pretty dependent on the place from which you are selling your products. But there are some things whether you are selling online or in a store that you need to think about to help your business grow.

1. Market – So you have just opened your shop and it’s your opening day. But you spend the whole day with no customers, and spend the day working out how much you have lost financially, and crying in a ball of self-pity.
When selling online people can do a simple product search and find you instantly, whether your new or old to the online selling game your instantly noticed. Being in a local village or on the high street that can be somewhat different, so think about going around with flyers the week before.
The flyers you hand out should include the following;
Name & Business Logo – Well that’s just plain obvious…

A Map – To demonstrate where you are

A Taster – List some products you sell for example if you’re a convince store; selling daily newspapers, tobacco, sweets, drinks and other daily essentials…

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Discount – So the odds of the above making anyone just call in to see the new shop you have just opened is well 1 in 50, so increase your chances by 200% maybe even more depending on what your selling by offering a discount, free goods, money off… It may hit your profit in the first few weeks, but it will really pay off in the long run securing you a solid customer base foundation to work with.

2. Social Media – You personally have a social media presence then why doesn’t your business. Whether your company is online or offline you’re social eminence is important, it can help you gain new suppliers and new customers. But it can also help you gain feedback on your current customers; you can see what exactly they think of your shop, and your products. They may say bad things, but that doesn’t mean its bad information. In fact that’s the information you want to be finding and correcting!

3. Products – So you’ve been open a few months and you’ve had a chance to see what products work, and which don’t. So you’ve scrapped the products, which don’t work, and bought more of those that do. Done right?
Wrong of course. You should be looking to grow and expand your product range and therefore your market. Don’t get me wrong there is a good and a bad pace to do take on this growth, try just a sample of one new item every time you place an order perhaps, or dedicate say 10% of your profits to purchasing a trail product.
See our final steps on growing and improving your new business in next weeks blog!

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