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The infographic available within the Wholesaleclearence website is a fantastic place to see just how eBay has grown and improved since it first began in 1995, with some fun facts and a boat load of information to help you improve you’re eBay sales, this is something which is definitely worth a read!

There is definitely a lot of information on the infographic which we are yet to cover here on our blog, one of them definitely being items which you are prohibited from selling on eBay.



Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia

Bootleg Recording

Fire Arms

Confidential Documents

Live Animals


Military Weapons


You may think there fairly obvious, but try and list one of these items and you could find yourself in hot water, and not just with eBay.

The facts within the infographic demonstrate the power of eBay and internet shopping/sales as a whole, and based on the rate in which internet sales are growing, things are only going to get better for those who are selling online!

Sales made through smart phones is now the biggest improving market, with the eBay application available for most smart phones, and with 4 billion pounds being spent using an ebay mobile application in 2011, a rate which doubled since 2010, things could only be getting better for those with eBay businesses.

There are of course some other key figures which eBay likes to show to help people like yourself make the most of auctioned items or sales. The busiest period on eBay is on a Sunday between 6pm and 10pm. So how could you use this to your advantage, well getting an auction to finish at this time could increase the price it sells for by up to 10%, also if you’re thinking about having a sale in you’re shop think about doing it over the weekend as you could sell up to double the amount of items you would doing it on a weekday.

There is loads more information as well as other key fun facts about eBay, and its all available here http://www.wholesaleclearance.co.uk/ebay-infographic.htm

By Karl Baxter

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