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Branded Goods: to buy or not to buy

Deciding whether to stock brands depends on your target market, typical customers and budget. As a rule, if you have a mix of customers we would recommend a mix of products, including branded goods. Branded goods are also great crowd pullers on your home page or in your shop window. So here are some tips when looking for branded goods to sell.
How do you know if they are genuine?
All branded goods should be genuine. It is illegal to sell something that is counterfeit yet there are still many retailers that are selling stock illegally branded.
• Always read through the whole description – sometimes a title of ‘Ugg Boots’ will slowly transcend into Ugg style boots, similar to Uggs, like Uggs. These all indicate that they are not the genuine article.
• Use websites that have customer feedback and ratings – if a website is selling fakes, the customers will be shouting from the rooftops!
• Look at their returns policy – if a company is knowingly selling fake items, their returns policy will be strict and unfavourable.
• Google the company name online – horror stories will show up!
• Price – although some websites can sell below market price, if the price is too low there is a problem. At Wholesale Clearance UK we sell low due to huge purchasing power, but many smaller online retailers won’t have this so question their prices.
• Ask questions – if a site is genuine, their customer service will be excellent and willing to answer any questions. If the goods are fake and you ask questions, you may get some choice words in return!
• Gut instinct – at Wholesale Clearance UK we don’t agree that if a deal seems too good to be true, it is. Most of our deals are incredibly unbelievable but they are the real deal. Trust your instinct and if you have suspicions, don’t part with your money.
What Brands Sell?
We can only go by what brands our customers repeatedly buy so here is a list of some of the most popular brands we sell:
• Disney – incredibly popular with the young and old
• Colony – these named candles sell themselves over and over again
• Yankee – these candles smell good enough to eat!
• Chupa Chups – a great trendy brand that everyone knows
• Ralph Lauren – such an iconic logo!
• Hugo Boss- popular designer of clothing and aftershave
• Diesel- both the men’s and ladies’ clothing sells well in this designer range
• Monsoon- the most glorious dresses that sell for a fortune second hand. Very large market
• Armani- fantastic quality of clothing and their T Shirts sell quickly
• Playboy- we can sell this brand all day long. Still one of our best sellers

By Karl Baxter

One Response to “Branded Goods: to buy or not to buy”

JoeySeptember 17th, 2012 at 4:12 am

I think that a lot of guys are talking out of their ass here, if you’re going to spraed a few words to mislead others then at least put up a few of your wholesalers instead of telling people things like Oh these prices aren’t the cheapest, you can find these prices anywhere blablabla . IF you are searching for wholesale and you want to start? a business, this might b a good place to start for you. Though you should continue searching and comparing until you find a place that is comfortable 4 U.