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This blog continues from the previous blog… Top Rated & Power Sellers.

What does it take to become a Top Rated Seller?

The focus of a Power Seller status is the amount of items you sell, the focus of a Top Rated Seller is the service you provide to you’re customers. Because of this it is much harder to achieve, as you could provide fantastic products & a fantastic service, but that isn’t to say that you’re buyer wont find a fault. Such as postage delays…

You’re seller performance is something which is reviewed monthly; you can be an average seller, an above average seller or a Top Rated Seller.

Power Sellers & Top Rated Sellers... Continued Wholesale Clearance UK Blog

To become a Top Rated Seller you must achieve the following over the previous three month period to you’re review.

You must not exceed 0.50% of detailed seller ratings being low detailed seller ratings; the definition of this is one or two stars for any question. So for example if you get 200 customers to complete you’re DSR’s you can only have 1 low detailed seller rating on each question.

You must not exceed 0.50% of cases being opened through eBay for buyer protection, or 0.30% of those being closed without a full resolution. This covers problems such as fraud or buyer abuse.

The average of you’re detailed seller ratings must be above 4.60 on all questions.

You must be at least a bronze power seller, and have had at least 100 transactions within the last twelve months, in addition to this you will need to have a business eBay account.

What are the benefits to being a Top Rated Seller?

There are many benefits to becoming a Top Rated Seller, not least because of you’re Power Seller level you will look to receive anything up to 20% off you’re final fee’s.

You will also have increased visibility in users search on eBay, thus increasing you’re eBay sales further.

In addition to this you will receive a tidy little badge next to you’re username stating that you are a Top-Rated Seller, this shows that you have a proven track record when it comes to selling on eBay, reassuring buyers.

Some people only buy from Top Rated Sellers, and there is a refinement to enable users to do so.

There are many reasons for Top Rated Sellers to begin charing that little more for their items, not least for the security that’s provided from buying an item from a Top Rated Seller, but also because the increased visibility will enable you’re products to appear high in the list of best match items within a users search.

By Karl Baxter

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