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Objects of Desire

Wrist action available here

Are you in need of some wrist action this February? Oi oi, watch it mate! Yes, I am just talking about watches here, nothing untoward I promise. I’ve just been reading about an armed robbery that took place in Edinburgh on the 15th January 2013. Over £1 million worth of jewellery was stolen including a large number of luxury high value watches. It reminded me of another robbery I took interest in, which occurred in Derby in June 2012. Derby Museum was raided and twenty or so eighteenth and nineteenth century gold and silver watches were stolen that were worth up to £3000 each. Did you know that some classic vintage watches retail at over £10,000? Wow.

It set me thinking about how much the British love wrist watches. In spite of the fact that we carry mobile phones and tablets and sit at PCs and drive cars that all tell us the time all the time, we still enjoy wearing a watch. It’s an extension of our individual and personal style, isn’t it? At last count I had four and I love them all.

Watches are fantastic for those selling on eBay or at car boots or in your store because they are easy to store and you can stock a good variety in small numbers so that you’re left with little stock that doesn’t sell. They’re attractive and people buy them as gifts year round.

Pendant Watch

Attractive antique effect pendant watch

You would think that wrist watches have been with us since time immemorial but actually they are relatively new in the grand scheme of things. Timepieces came into fashion as pendants in the sixteenth century and were worn as pendants by noble women. Seeing as most of them didn’t work properly they were more likely worn as a status symbol rather than an object of any great use. By 1675 men were wearing them in the pockets of their new-fangled fitted waistcoats.

The term watch may have originated from the Old English word woecce meaning ‘watchmen’, but it seems more likely (and is a more romantic notion for us seafaring British Islanders) that the term became common parlance during the seventeenth century when sailors used to use timepieces to time the length of their shifts or ‘watches’.

Wristwatches were commercially produced for the first time for German naval officers in the 1880s and from the First World War they really started to take off.

This brings us to today. How many people in the UK wear watches? Google can’t tell me the answer but I can tell you it is MILLIONS. And the thing is that nowadays people like to wear watches as an accessory that they can change as often as they change their clothes and like me people own more than one and they are not averse to buying another one if they see one they like and the price is right.

Bunny strap

Sweet strap on Playboy watch

For this reason you should check out some of the great deals we have currently on watches. A great example of an accessory watch is this ‘Women’s White Rubber Strap Bunny Logo Dial Playboy’ watch. It’s fun and funky! The strap is really sweet and it’s a sexy little time piece for a young woman. The thing is, she’s not going to want to wear it in the office so she will need something a little smarter for work, something like the ‘Ladies Superdry Japan Wrap’ watch in silver which even the most austere boss could not object to.

High School Musical

Pretty in pink! Pink Wildcat that is!

Kids are exactly the same. They are constantly losing or breaking watches so there is really no point in buying them anything hugely expensive. These girls ‘High School Musical Pink Wildcat’ watches are perfect because they have a Velcro fastening strap that means they are less likely to get lost and they are a great price for you to sell on quickly and easily.

Swank watch

Smart and inoffensive. Perfect for the office!

We also have a range of Superdry watches for men and women that are an absolute bargain and a sure fire winner for you sellers. Superdry is a branded clothing company, retailing in over forty countries selling quality goods that combine Japanese contemporary graphics and vintage Americana. They are a desirable brand so grab these watches quickly before someone else does.

So watches are a desirable and useful item to stock. Are you still here? What are you waiting for? Grab one of our joblots now! Time waits for no man*!

*or woman

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