One Off Joblot of 65 Opened Abandoned Parcels - Great Variety!

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Condition: New

RRP: £1,313.32
(Inc. VAT: £312.00 GBP)
Per item: £4.00
Items in Joblot: 65
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Potential Profit£1,053.32
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One Off Joblot of 65 Opened Abandoned Parcels - Great Variety!

You will receive 65 Mixed Items

Complete Stock List:

Item: Quantity
Mobile Phone 1
Designer Fieg Trainers, UK 8 1
Designer Retro Trainers, UK 8 1
Basketball Jumpman Shoes, UK 4.5 1
FineToo High-Waisted Underwear 3
Bathing Companion Bath Towel 1
White Designer Sport Socks 2
Designer Grey Zip Up Hoodie, Size M 1
Designer White Trainer 3
Mixed Japenese Food Treats 1
Incense Burner 2
Touch Doubleheaded Marker Pens, 48Pcs 1
Night Light USB Writing Board 1
2L Motivation Sport Bottle 1
Vacuum Flask Set 2
Small Duck Climbing Toy 1
115-In-1 Screwdriver Set 1
Dermapen Microneedling Pen 3
12" LCD Panel Colouful Writing Tablet 2
Lure Her Perfume 1
Wooden Tetris Puzzle 1
Wooden Image Game 1
Duck Sprinkler Bath Toy 1
J-C Pad For N-SL 1
Oil Dispenser Bottle 1
Men's 973 Clipper & Shaver Set 1
Digital Micrometer 2
Leather Bag 1
Microfibre Cloths 1
Bubble Plant Hair Dye 1
Magnetism Game 1
Non-Slip Silicone Baking Mat 2
Umbrella 1
Samyang Hot Chicken Noodles, 5Pcs 1
Knife Sharpener 1
Whisk 1
Bristle Brush 2
Designer Clog Shoe 2
Large Message Fleece Blanket 3
Speed Pass Game 1
Talking Flash Card Game 1
Magnetic Sticks Game, 36Pcs 1
3-In-1 Slimming & Beautifying Machine 1
Black Yoga Pants, XL 1
Khaki Dress Set, 6-9M 1
Pink Furry Coat, 18-24M 1
Mixed Shein Clothing 10
Designer Black Zip-Up Hoodie, M 1
Designer Grey Zip-Up Hoodie, M 1
Designer Grey Joggers, M 1
Mixed Crystals 3
Two Tier Dish Rack 1
8L Air Fryer 1
Unknown Misc. 3

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Parcels get abandoned for a variety of reasons, including non-delivery, address issues, failure to collect, etc.

These parcels have been purchased from an e-commerce cross border fulfilment centre.

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Brand new.

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The pictures are respresentations of the products you will receive and you may receive items that have slight differences.

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