Pallet of 150 Abandoned Parcels - Mystery Unopened Items

Part No: SKU52230WC

Condition: New

RRP: £2,500.00
(Inc. VAT: £658.80 GBP)
Per item: £3.66
Items in Joblot: 150
78% offrrp
Potential Profit£1,951.00
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Pallet of 150 Abandoned Parcels - Mystery Unopened Items

You will receive 150 Abandoned Parcels

You'll receive a pallet containing 150 unopened mystery abandoned parcels. Parcels get abandoned for a variety of reasons, including non-delivery, address issues, failure to collect, etc.

150 items per pallet!

These parcels have been purchased from an e-commerce cross border fulfilment centre and remain unopened.

Want to know more about these abandoned parcels?
Head over to our TikTok for more in-depth information!

If you're interested in knowing what type of product you could receive in these parcels, we've filmed opening up random parcels and posted the video to our Youtube, just follow this link to find out the type of products we've found!

Please note:

Prior to the buyer of this parcel reselling, You Must DESTROY All Personal Information on any labelling/packing slips.

We do not know what the retail value of the lot is as we do not know the contents of the parcels. This should be treated as a complete potluck purchase.  Buyers should exercise their own due diligence with regards to contents as we do not know the origin of the items.

 £69 delivery to the UK mainland. Please contact the office for a quote for other areas.



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