Wholesale Joblot 1000 DVDs 24 Different Titles inc Terminator and 24 Redemption

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Condition: New

RRP: £9,990.00
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Per item: £0.20
Items in Joblot: 1000
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Potential Profit£9,790.00
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Wholesale Joblot of 1000 Ex-Blockbuster DVDs 24 Different Titles

You will receive 1000 Dvds.

RRP: £7.99-£12.99

24 different titles of ex-rental copy DVDs including some big name titles such as Terminator Salvation, 24: Redemption, The Big Kahuna, Welcome to Collinwood and more.

These DVDs are ex-rental copy so were for the retail market, but they are all brand new and have never been used before. These don't have to be sold as DVDs, the cases could be sold on their own for a good profit.

Please visit this link to see some DVD cases being sold online at a good price 


You will receive between 1-200 of each style, you are not gaurenteed to receive every style pictured.