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It’s a predickament that most men have found themselves in at some point in their lives… locked out of the bathroom after a passionate roll in the hay with no immediate way of cleaning up their phallus (beef whistle, one eyed monster, disco stick). It’s courteous to let the lady in your life use the bathroom before you, and patiently waiting your turn while carefully avoiding spillages has become common practise… until now.

Let us introduce you to a product you have most likely not come across before; the Penis Beaker. As the name suggests, it is an unobtrusive and disposable vessel capable of holding just the right amount of lukewarm water for dunking your Dingaling into. It’s the perfect addition to your post-coitus cleaning station, and after one or two dunks you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Before you start, fill the beaker with hot water, which will cool to the perfect temperature by the time you need to use it (3-4 minutes)
  • When finished, wiggle to the side of your bed to access your cleaning station
  • Before proceeding, ensure that a towel is within arm’s reach
  • Take the Penis Beaker in one hand, and your genitalia in the other
  • Carefully line yourself up with the landing zone, and plunge repeatedly
  • Lightly shake off any excess water
  • Dry yourself off with the nearby towel
  • Head to the bathroom to dispose of the contents, being sure to high five yourself in the mirror as you pass


  • Be sure to dispose of the contents immediately; you may get more than you bargained for if you wake up in the night with a thirst. 
  • Lukewarm water is most effective, although some find cold water highly refreshing
  • It’s polite to initiate the dunking process out of sight of your significant other
  • Fill the beaker with hot water, which will cool to the perfect temperature by the time you need to use it (3-4 minutes)

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