One Off Pallets of 13,803 Shine Armor Interior Cleaner - FREE DELIVERY!

Part No: SKU52126WC

EAN: 723548995378

Condition: New in Packaging

Brand: Shine Armor

RRP: £344,936.97
£38,800.00 £48,500.00
(Inc. VAT: £46,560.00 GBP)
Per item: £2.81
Items in Joblot: 13803
89% offrrp
Potential Profit£306,136.97
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One Off Pallets of 13,803 Shine Armor Interior Cleaner

You will receive 13,803 Car Upholstery and Interior Cleaner

RRP: £24.99

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Looking for a good opportunity to start up a new business online or in-store? If you're interested in getting high quality and a huge variety of car products at a fantastic markup price, then this is the ideal mixed job lot for you!

Unleash the power of Shine Armor Interior Cleaner and let your interior shine brighter than ever before! This incredible cleaner is your secret weapon against stubborn stains, lingering odors, and dull surfaces. With the versatility to tackle carpets, plastics, upholstery, leather, vinyl, dashboards, and more, it's like having a superhero for your interiors!

Are you ready to witness the transformation? From car enthusiasts seeking showroom perfection to meticulous homeowners craving spotless spaces, Shine Armor Interior Cleaner is your ticket to professional-grade results without the hassle. Wave goodbye to the clutter of multiple products and say hello to simplicity and effectiveness. Elevate your interior care game and bask in the glory of a space that radiates excellence. What are you waiting for? It's time to let Shine Armor Interior Cleaner do its magic and take your interiors to the next level!

Brand new in packaging.

EAN: 723548995378

(All goods will arrive on pallets)


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