One Off Joblot of 7 Men's Ex-Chainstore Mixed Shirts - Loose & Sealed

Part No: SKU51630WC

Condition: New De-branded/De-labled


RRP: £183.00
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Per item: £3.92
Items in Joblot: 7
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One Off Joblot of 7 Men's Ex-Chainstore Mixed Shirts

You will receive 7 Men's Mixed Shirts

You will receive the following:

Floral Slim Fit Shirt (x1)
Tattersall Regular Fit Shirt (x1)
Navy Textured Slim Fit Shirt (x1)
Two-Way Sequin Slim Fit Shirt (x1)
Patterned Lines Regular Fit Shirt (x1)
Island & Waves Slim Fit Shirt (x1)
Zebra Regular Fit Shirt (x1)

Size: 14 1/2" (x1), 15 1/2" (x1), 16" (x1), 16 1/2" (x1), S (x1), M (x1), 2XL (x1)

RRP: £14.00 - £34.00

Men's shirts from a hugely popular chain store.

Bring some polished style to your wardrobe with these slick shirts. Stay looking sharp the whole day. Excellent value - this is one purchase you won't regret. 

Brand new.

Please note:

Included are 4 shirts that are sealed and 3 shirts that are loose.

These are ex-chain store and have been/will need to be de-branded (tags snipped/mark put through the item's branding).

These can only be resold as ex-chain/de-branded stock.