One Off Joblot of 685 Gestalt Tools SL8 Screwdriver - Heavy Duty, Flat Head

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One Off Joblot of 685 Gestalt Tools SL8 Screwdriver - Heavy Duty, Flat Head

You will receive 685 SL8 Screwdrivers

Size: 200mm

RRP: £7.99

Gestalt tools are engineered with a focus on strength, precision and ergonomics. These properties combined, result in hand tools that help you to achieve the high quality results you desire.

Gestalt tools are designed by skilled tradespeople. Their many combined years of experience have been poured into developing a range of hand tools that we are certain you will love.


Extra long 200mm shank, made from durable and strong chrome vanadium steel with an 8mm magnetic tip.

Durable yet comfortable two-texture ergonomic handle, made from a strong hard plastic with high-grip soft-touch rubber pads.

The hole in the handle allows for easy hanging storage, and can be used to increase torque by inserting the shaft of a second driver, creating a T-handle shape with additional leverage.

The strongly magnetized tip securely holds even large screws, allowing for one-handed use, while the long shank allows easy access to tight, tight spaces.

Often not found in regular screwdriver sets, having a large flat head can mean the difference between completing a task or spending hours trying to remove a damaged screw after trying to use a smaller size.

Brand new with barcoded tags.

These tools from Gestalt Tools are approved to be sold on Amazon.

Please note:

You may receive items that have light damage to the packaging, however the items are in perfect condition.