One Off Joblot of 479 Gestalt Tools 10" Aviation Shears - Heavy Duty

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One Off Joblot of 479 Gestalt Tools 10" Aviation Shears - Heavy Duty

You will receive 479 Aviation Shears

Size: 10"

RRP: £12.99

Gestalt tools are engineered with a focus on strength, precision and ergonomics. These properties combined, result in hand tools that help you to achieve the high quality results you desire.

Gestalt tools are designed by skilled tradespeople. Their many combined years of experience have been poured into developing a range of hand tools that we are certain you will love.


•10 inch multipurpose sheet metal shears. Ideal for cutting a range of tough materials, including metal sheets, carpet, lino flooring, roofing felt, leather, branches, lead flashing, and more!

•Ergonomic soft touch handle for comfortable feel in the hand, and a force amplifying compound linkage design, allow for long term use without fatigue causing loss of precision and pain.

•Latch mechanism on the handle keeps the jaws closed when not in use, protecting the user from injury, and protecting the cutting edges from damage.

•Small serrations on the blades help to hold the workpiece between the jaws and prevent it from slipping out as the cutting force is applied.

•Great for diy, home improvement, gardening, landscaping, hobby model making, professional or home metalworking, auto maintenance and garage work.

Brand new in barcoded packaging.

These tools from Gestalt Tools are approved to be sold on Amazon. 

Please note:

You may receive items that have light damage to the packaging, however the items are in perfect condition.