One Off Joblot of 15 Gestalt Tools 4pc Plastic Funnel Set

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One Off Joblot of 15 Gestalt Tools 4pc Plastic Funnel Set

You will receive 15 Funnel Sets

RRP: £5.99

Gestalt tools are engineered with a focus on strength, precision and ergonomics. These properties combined, result in hand tools that help you to achieve the high quality results you desire.

Gestalt tools are designed by skilled tradespeople. Their many combined years of experience have been poured into developing a range of hand tools that we are certain you will love.


•Set of four plastic funnels in a range of sizes 50mm, 70mm, 100mm, and 120mm to help with any job, large or small, also includes a clip to hold the set together.

•Durable plastic construction is resistant to chemicals and oils so can safely be used with weedkillers, oil, brake fluid, and other corrosive liquids.

•Ideal for a large range of tasks around the home, kitchen, garden, and workshop. Accurately pour liquid or dry goods into narrow neck containers with ease.

•Each funnel has a tab at the top with an eyelet for easy hanging storage, or alternatively, the funnels can be nested one inside another to save space, and held together using the barbed clip.

•Ideal kitchen aid to assist with independence for the disabled or elderly, for whom pouring will often result in a spillage.

Brand new in barcoded packaging.

These tools from Gestalt Tools are approved to be sold on Amazon. 

Please note:

You may receive items that have light damage to the packaging, however the items are in perfect condition.