One Off Joblot of 127 Mixed Winter Accessories - Gloves, Hats, Etc.

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One Off Joblot of 127 Mixed Winter Accessories - Gloves, Hats, Etc.

You will receive 127 Mixed Accessories

You will receive the following:

7XCollection Mixed Neon Gloves (x24)
Lorenz Black Wrist Strap Gloves (x13)
Lorenz Black Gloves (x3)
7XCollection Monkey Earflap Beanie (x11)
ILCK Fluffy Mixed Striped Gloves (x12)
ILCK 2-In-1 Mixed Striped Gloves (x24)
7XCollection Mixed Neon Striped Fingerless Gloves (x36)
Ex-Chainstore Reindeer Hat (x1)
Ex-Chainstore Slipper Socks (x1)
Ex-Chainstore Brown Hat & Gloves (x1)
Ex-Chainstore W Stocking (x1)

RRP: £3.99 - £6.99

Mixed accessories from various different brands.

Let it snow as it's time to layer up with winter essentials that will have you loving the cold weather, from soft knit gloves to monkey hats!

Brand new.

Please note:

Not all styles have been pictured.