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THIS GAME IS PERFECT FOR PARTIES!! DARK SENSE OF HUMOUR REQUIRED. Includes 112 NEW cards (80 White cards & 32 Black cards) 100% compatible with Cards Against Humanity Dark Humour: Guards Against Insanity contains sexually explicit material. So, if you or your friends are easily offended, this probably isn't the right product for you.


How to play: Each player gets dealt 10 White cards. The person who most recently pooped is named the Card Czar and starts by reading a Black question card aloud. The other players fill in the blanks and pass the White card(s) that they think are funniest to the Card Czar. The Card Czar shuffles the cards (so that they don’t know who contributed which card) who then re-reads the Black card before filling in the blanks with the White answer cards. The Card Czar picks a winner who is given the Black card as a way of keeping score. After each round, players draw back up to 10 White cards and play continues clockwise with someone else becoming the Card Czar. Doubles up as drinking game: Instead of there being just one winner, the Card Czar chooses a first, second and third card choice. The people who played these cards get to nominate who they would like to take a drink: The first choice allocates 3 drinks, the second choice allocates 2 drinks, the third choice allocates 1 drink. Alternatively, you can play whoever didn’t win the round has to take a drink i.e. everyone drinks apart from the Card Czar and the winner of the round.

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