England 2022 Cup Winners Football Shirt

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Stay ahead of the game!




Once we deal with the French on Saturday 10th - there will be no stopping the English juggernaut...or at least that's what we think!  We are so confident that England will win the Cup this time round, we are pre-releasing our unique winners shirts!

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In true never give up English style, we have taken the gamble the boys will bring football home!

So here is your chance to grab your first, wear it with the pride of a lion and be there showing your colours when Harry lifts that famous old trophy aloft.

We can hear it now...The Champions of the World...ENGLAND!!

Styled in a cool football design, these shirts are not only a symbol of your solidarity for your country, but a comfy and easy to wear garment that can be used as a keepsake or for when you are on the light team for five a side versus The Dog and Duck.




Well...this hasn't gone to plan!  Thanks to some dubious decision-making, England's cup dreams are over until the next tournament.


We have reduced the price of these unique items as we certainly won't be getting any more!  So wear it with pride, add it to your collection, use it to clean the windows...we don't know :(


England are still winners in our eyes.


Secret Santa anyone?



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