'Couch Potato' Remote Control Storage Cushion

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Storage cushion/soft toy

Potato-shaped soft toy with internal storage pocket designed to hold gadgets, remote controls and other items on a sofa, car back seat, bedside, camping etc.

We have been selling these as an alternative to a remote control 'caddy', with customers using them on their sofa for holding onto remote controls, and in other places to hold gadgets and other items. The soft filling means it can be used as a small cushion and keeps things safe if squashed. The cushion is easy to move around in a room or between rooms, and it's also a convenient way to keep kids items together on a car journey

Cushion is approx. 25 cm on each side, with three openings, one of which has a soft velcro closure

Designed and developed by Copoco Ltd, and produced by Brazier & Co Ltd

The cushions are developed to EN 71 standards with a sewn-in label as shown in photos, and recommended for ages 3+

The remaining stock is packed in boxes and the cushions are vacuum packed to reduce their size during shipping - they will expand to the normal size after 24-48 hours once removed from the packaging

These have been selling at around £32 RRP for the past year or so


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