Beauty Silicone teardrop leaf sponge brush gift set - 75% DISCOUNT

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SmartBeauty silicone teardrop leaf makeup sponge cleansing brush gift set

We're just launching on eBay after having 100% positive feedback on Amazon.
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MULTIPACK - Contains a SmartBeauty Teardrop AND Leaf shape silicone sponges and silicone cleansing facebrush and gift bag, for use with all your liquid makeup products: primer foundation bb cream highlighter blush contour concealer. Even moisturisers and masks.
MAKEUP LASTS LONGER - Silicone makeup blending sponges need far less product than normal applicators as they don't absorb any product
GET A PROFESSIONAL FINISH... FAST - It's easy to get a flawless result using the Leaf sponge on larger areas and the Teardrop sponge for more precision. Liquid products glide evenly over the skin
PREVENT BREAKOUTS - Silicone is germ free so much more hygienic than a regular sponge, beauty blender, puff, brush or even your fingers. Great for sensitive skin
QUICK AND EASY TO WASH - Just rinse in warm water after use and dry in a fraction of the time of brushes and sponges, then ready to use for your next product. Bin those old brush sets!


Are you fed up with your beauty blender soaking up all your expensive foundation? Want a professional looking finish to your make up? Do you have trouble finding products that don’t irritate your sensitive skin? Are you bored of washing your brushes and sponges?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ then you should consider using a silicone sponge to apply your liquid make up products.


I had always used either a foundation brush or my fingers, but found I would ‘overblend’ and end up wiping most of it off! I never got to grips with a beauty blender type sponge, as it seemed to absorb all the foundation, which I found wasteful.


So when I heard about silicone sponges I thought I’d give them a try. I tested various shapes and grades of silicone to develop my perfect version, then added glitter, as everyone loves a bit of sparkle. Now I use them for all my liquid products.


I use a SmartBeauty Leaf Silicone Sponge for products that need spreading over a larger area, such as primer, foundation, bb cream and cc cream. Even moisturiser and masks. I then use a Smart Beauty Teardrop Silicone Sponge for products that need more precision, such as concealer, contour, cream blush and highlighter. Some people even use them for eyeshadow.


They’re quick and easy to use and give a great finish but I find that preparing my skin first makes a big difference, so I cleanse and moisturise beforehand, using a face cleansing brush.


When using a silicone sponge, less really is more when it comes to the amount of product I need to use. It definitely stops me wasting so much make up and using too much results in product smearing all over my face. So my top tip is to apply a small amount and layer it up if more coverage is needed.


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