101 Pieces Childrens Hat, Hosiery & Accessories age 1 to 13 years

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101 Pieces of childrens hosiery, hats & accessories

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As follows:

42 pairs of ribbed tights 80% cotton 20% polyester. Individually packed and tagged with label

   Age 1-2 years - Red x 3, Light grey x 3

   Age 2-3 years - Gerise x 3, grey x 3

   Age 4-6 years - blue x 3 purple x 3

   Age 7-9 years -  Lemon x 4, Black x 4

   Age 9-11 years  - dusky pink x 4, Beige x 4

   Age 11-13 Years  - pink x 4, charcoal grey x 4

10 x sets of Flirt faux fur ear muffs brand tagged

One size fit a child over the head as a hairband or adult using the band around the back of the head. 7 sets of black, 3 sets of white with black spots. 

10 x pairs of fleece ear muffs, tagged

        3 x white, 7 x black

7 Pairs of Flirt sparkly leg warmers tagged on branded cards

       1 x neon orange, 6 x neon pink, 

12 x Grey Tweed Baker Boy caps

        no card tags, fabric is acrylic with quilted polyester lining. Fits approximately age 8                        upwards.

15 x RJM Accessories Trapper Hats, tagged with hanger

        Polyester outer shell with faux fur trims and black polyester lining. 

        Age 4-6 years Khaki x 5, black x 3

        Age 7-11 years Khaki x 5, black x 2

3 x Pairs Swany Ski Mittens, premium brand with tags & hanger

        Size S age 1-2 years red x 2 pairs, black x 1 pair

1 x pair Flirt Magic Gloves, fingerless

         One size, red & black with Jolly Roger pirate design

1 x soft faux fur snap bracelet

         One size, cream