One Off Joblot of 5 Ladies Brakeburn Tiger Scarves

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Condition: New

Brand: Brakeburn

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Items in Joblot: 5
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One Off Joblot of 5 Ladies Brakeburn Tiger Scarves

You will receive 5 Brakeburn Scarves

Material: 100% Modal

RRP: £28.99

Crouching tiger, hidden... tiger! So subtle, people will be looking twice at the delicate floral print design before spotting that it's a sneaky animal print scarf. The edges are finished with contrasting white running stitch detail.

Designed in Dorset.

Brakeburn is sold all around Europe as well as well-known stores, such as John Lewis, Next, Beales and many more!

Brand new.

Please note:

All are loose - some may not include tags.

This stock is sample stock and produced for sales representatives, however is still a complete product.

You may receive some stock which may have a small appearance or interior difference to the other pieces / pictures, however they will be very similar to the rest of the stock.