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Our Latest One-Off Joblot Stock Offer!

This week our latest YouTube video provides you with just a taster of our latest offerings. It’s a dream lot for sellers like you with items including a range of branded trainers including all the big names such as Nike and Addidas as well as K-Swiss and Reebok. Were covering specialist trainers too, such as […]

Creating your Personal Brand

Branding is critical to a customer’s perception of you, and is part of the consideration that goes into the purchasing process. Your personal brand is part and parcel of what encourages or discourages a customer or client from buying into or from you. There are several levels of branding that you need to take into […]

Starting Up A Business – The Final Chapter…

Hi Everyone, So we have reached the final episode of our business running secrets blog. Here we are going to share our final hints and tips on how to give your business the best chance of survival. If you have missed any of our previous blogs there all available to read in the Wholesale Clearance […]

Setting up a business… Part 3.

So we ended last week rather sharply… But I am sure the last blog has kept you busy to say the least. If you and your business have been able to make it to the final instalment for setting up your own business then you’re everything you need to be to make your business work. […]

Setting up a business… Part 2

Before you get to this next stage you will have needed to do the following; 1. Researched the idea, the market and suppliers. You have an idea… You know the market your idea / products are going to appeal too… You have found a number of suppliers who are going to provide you with the […]

How to attract customers to your website

A few weeks ago, one of our blog readers asked how he could attract people to his website, so I’ve had a think and done a bit of research. As Lee realised, simply having a website is not a sure fire way to attract customers because the World Wide Web has a complete surfeit of […]