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This week our latest YouTube video provides you with just a taster of our latest offerings. It’s a dream lot for sellers like you with items including a range of branded trainers including all the big names such as Nike and Addidas as well as K-Swiss and Reebok.
Were covering specialist trainers too, such as basketball and running, and of course were offering a range for woman, men and children so you can be sure your able to achieve a wide market.

As well as showing you the items on offer we take you through our hints and tips on things to look out for when buying desirable items like this, even if you’re not interested in buying the lot from us you may be interested to know how to spot counterfeit items for this market.

So now to get to the details, you’ve seen what we have to offer you now you want to know how much it’s going to cost you, so you can be thinking of that profit margin and how the sale of these items will translate into a holiday, or a deposit on a new car right.

Well there’s 759 pairs available and should you wish to take the entire job lot then were able to offer them to you at £12 a pair, which tallies up to just under £11,000 including VAT.
The retail price of these trainers varies from around £30 right up to £75, taking a mid to low average of £45 you could be looking at a return in the region of £34,000+ – Full details and a breakdown of stock is available on our website.

As always here at Wholesale Clearance UK we are always wanting to get you the best deals, so as always were open to offers for half the stock, or bundles through breakdowns of gender, sport or brand. Feel free to contact us using any of the contact methods available on our website.

Feel free to check out the full length video using the direct link below:


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