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Wholesale Clearance Buys Your Unwanted Stock!!

Wholesale Clearance UK will purchase stock from yourself & your business, paying you top prices for your goods! If you have some stock which you would like to sell to Wholesale Clearance UK you will need to provide the following information about the goods. Stock Lists Pictures Original RRP Original Trade Price Stock Condition Age […]

Signing Up To Wholesale Clearance

Signing up to Wholesale Clearance UK takes a matter of seconds, the benefits that come with signing up to a site like Wholesale Clearance UK are endless, but most importantly registering on Wholesale Clearance UK is free! You will need to sign up to the Wholesale Clearance UK site if you want to buy something […]

How to Profit From Liquidation Stock

How to Profit From Liquidation Stock With the news full of tales of woe regarding businesses going into liquidation, particularly in the retail trade, prospective sole traders and small business owners may be feeling reluctant to put their business plans into action. However, business liquidations can present an opportunity for small businesses or individuals looking […]

Party Planning for the 21st Century

Bringing Party Planning into the 21st Century Mention party planning and people will automatically think about Tupperware or Ann Summers. Party planning seemed to be a chance for a bunch of women to get together, have a gossip and buy a few things they didn’t really need. Party planning is the idea of inviting a […]

Infographic Fun!

The infographic available within the Wholesaleclearence website is a fantastic place to see just how eBay has grown and improved since it first began in 1995, with some fun facts and a boat load of information to help you improve you’re eBay sales, this is something which is definitely worth a read! There is definitely […]

Top Rated & Power Sellers

When it comes to statuses within eBay and the benefits this can provide, this is where all the hard work of gaining positive feedback and 5* DSR’s comes in. There are two key upper ratings of eBay sellers, these are Power Sellers this is based on the number of items you sell, and increases from […]

Fantastic start to our Brokerage deals!

Fantastic start to our Brokerage deals! Wholesale Clearance UK is all about the bargains – great quality for even better prices. Our sales are so quick we literally have stock coming in and out before we have even finished the inventory. So that got us thinking about a new way we can bring you the […]