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How to fund your ebay business from Wholesale Clearance UK

Funding your stock can help you grow your business Finding the right stock and supplier is crucial if you want to build your business. Some retailers shop around, while others build relationships with their suppliers over time. In any case, where, what and at what price you purchase stock will inevitably be one of the […]

Latest eBay news: Things are Changing

Things are Changing at eBay… Lately eBay seems to be somewhat redeveloping itselfs, like many of us businesses know Christmas is just around the corner, and its time to begin making the most of the upcoming festive season, so with a change in layout and format, a new, modern logo, and TV advertisements you can […]

Wholesale Clearance UK’s Monthly Newsletter!

Did you know that Wholesale Clearance UK publish an online news letter every month? If the answer to that question is no, then your missing out! Missing out on what? The latest news from Wholesale Clearance UK, keeping you one step ahead of the game in the latest news, discounts and stock which Wholesale Clearance […]

Power Sellers & Top Rated Sellers… Continued

This blog continues from the previous blog… Top Rated & Power Sellers. What does it take to become a Top Rated Seller? The focus of a Power Seller status is the amount of items you sell, the focus of a Top Rated Seller is the service you provide to you’re customers. Because of this it […]