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Target the right customers

Target the right customers

In the final part of our mini-series regarding selling on Facebook, I thought I’d tell you about something several of my most successful customers have done. This is probably the easiest way to advertise your wares on Facebook although ideally you will need to have a business page – so for starters please refer back to Part 1 of our How to sell on Facebook guide right here.

You may remember this article I wrote about retro goodies here. Well we had a buyer who bought up 100 of our fabulous boomboxes. They then added the boombox to a number of Facebook pages that were all about the 80s in order to generate some interest. They also used the advertising feature to target a lot of 80s keywords. The moral of this story? Well, they sold all 100 boomboxes in a week!

We also have a customer that buys up plenty of our school/pre-school stock. They have a fabulous Facebook page and have worked hard. They now have somewhere in the region of 12,000 likes and sell a huge amount of early learning material etc. on their page. That’s success for you.

Stephanie's Forever Roses - gorgeous

Stephanie’s Forever Roses – gorgeous

If you’re not sure of which pages to target, you could do what another of our customers and Facebook friend’s does and set up your own! Stephanie Towers, who runs Forever Roses see here tells me that she runs several groups on Facebook and finds it really easy to sell and advertise on those groups (obviously). She’s just started her own business and finds it really useful having the groups to advertise on.

With all three of our customers, the key to success seems to just be finding (or ‘owning’) the right niche pages – be that for childminding, nursery or pre-school or the 1980s or flower groups or gift pages. Once you’ve identified the right pages to place your post then you need to put an offer on the page that entices people to follow you back to your page.

Create an Organic Post

When you’re creating your post you need to bare a few things in mind. The first thing you’ll want to do is create an organic post that announces your product to people. There are ways to do this. Namely:

• Create your post as a link share
• Use an image for the thumbnail that is at least 560×292 pixels
• Pick an image that is high quality and engaging
• Make sure the image satisfies the 20% text rule (so you must have writing with the photo)
• Use copy that gets to the point quickly and have a call to action within the first 90 characters

So I might say something like, “For fabulous wholesale deals and a 20% discount off your first order, click here.” I might say that – but you can all clear off for now! The point is you need to make something that’s going to entice people to come back and view your deals.

Don’t make enemies

If you’re targeting pages that have admin, it’s probably best not to antagonise anyone. Don’t just plonk your post and run. Ask permission first – and highlight why it’s good for the members of the page. If it’s a completely open page then you can post what you want. Otherwise you’ll get your post taken down and you’ll be barred, so play nicely.


Finding pages that might take your link post is simple. Just use the search bar at the top and put in something like pampering (if you’re selling some of our fabulous candles etc. for example) and you’ll turn up some potential groups. If you took our advice about business ideas (here) then you may have baskets of goodies to send straight away.

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

But also, Facebook makes it increasingly easy because there are now millions of people already buying and selling items using the official For Sale groups. You’re likely to be able to find a ‘For Sale in *insert local vicinity name here*’ group near to you, which will make the whole job of selling locally easier.

Facebook advises sellers to describe the items they’re selling clearly and make sure the goods don’t breach Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Community Standards policies in any way.

You should add a description to what you’re selling, include a price and set a pick-up and delivery location, and then mark posts as Available or Sold.

It’s clear that if you have the imagination and the drive, selling on Facebook is a great addition to your business. Give it a go, and report back. We’d love to hear how you’ve got on and how you’re doing.

Over to you

What do you sell on Facebook? Have you ever had any problems? What are the advantages and drawbacks? Drop us a line below or come and have a chat on Facebook. Where else? 😉

Back to the future!

Back to the future!

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