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How to sell on amazon.co.uk

How to sell on amazon.co.uk

You don’t chat about Amazon very often, Karl!

That’s true. We’ve often looked at selling on eBay in our blogs but we’ve rarely mentioned selling on Amazon so I decided it was time to fix that. For some people selling on Amazon may make more sense, but for others eBay will remain their main outlet and to be honest, that makes good sense.

One of the main criticisms of selling on Amazon appears to be that you’re not likely to get rich quick, but certainly if you’re into ecommerce and you have your own small business and you’re not really looking to set the world on fire, Amazon can help you to sell and be an important channel of business for you.

You need to go into selling on Amazon with open eyes, because let’s face it, the only person making really big bucks on Amazon is Mr Amazon himself, however you can make enough to get by, especially if you’re using other channels too such as eBay and your own website, perhaps eBid and other outlets too.

You can sell new and used products on Amazon

You can sell new and used products on Amazon

Amazon has a notable strategy that focuses essentially on selection, price and convenience. It offers its customers an extremely wide selection of consumer goods, with a variety of price points (achieving this by offering USED items as well as NEW ones) and it offers fixed postage costs meaning that buyers know exactly how much they will pay for postage from the get-go and sellers can’t fleece them on packing and postage costs.

Of course Amazon wants to sell its own products first and foremostly. It’s where they get the majority of their profits from, however it is keen to have affiliate sellers especially where Amazon may not stock a particular product itself or can only offer it at a higher price. Affiliate sellers allow Amazon to hold an ever increasing variety of products and this in itself will entice new customers to Amazon.

It is impossible to buy on Amazon without registering so every customer that signs up is held on Amazon’s database and will receive marketing emails cleverly tailored to the individual’s interests in a bid to drive through repeat sales. This is a great ploy for Amazon. The customer may sign up to buy your product but thereafter Amazon will send the customer emails about its own products.

Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon UK

By selling on Amazon.co.uk Marketplace you are able to sell new, used, collectable and refurbished items alongside the products that Amazon already offers. Listing your items on the Marketplace will make them accessible to millions of customers and that is essentially the main reason to list on Amazon instead of/as well as eBay.

Unlike eBay however, Amazon is not offering items in an auction. Instead every item must be sold at a fixed price. You are encouraged to sell competitively so that it sells quickly.

How does it work?

If you search for any product on Amazon.co.uk you will see that there are “New and Used” links displayed to potential buyers in the product pages. When you list your item you have to choose between new and used (of course) and select a price.

When your item sells, you are sent an e-mail notification that payment has been taken from the buyer. You then dispatch the item to the buyer within two days of receiving the e-mail from Amazon.

Amazon will then deposit your earnings into your Seller Account.

Funds are transferred automatically into your bank account on a 14-day cycle.

You can start selling either by visiting the Sell your Stuff link or you can run a search for an item that you would like to sell. Then just as you would on eBay you can click the Sell Yours Here button in the More Buying Choices box on the right-hand side of that item’s page.

You can sell quite a bit through Amazon.co.uk

You can sell quite a bit through Amazon.co.uk

Bear in mind that if it is likely that you will be selling more than 30 items per month, you may well be better off becoming a Pro-Merchant seller. The Pro Merchant subscription fee is GBP 28.75 (GBP 25.00 for sellers that qualify for VAT-exclusive fees) and this is assessed automatically once every month, beginning on the date that your subscription begins. The subscription fee is listed in the Seller Account payments summary and charged against any sales that you process and complete over the month. If you don’t make enough money, then the remainder will be debited from your credit card.

What are the positive aspects of selling with Amazon.co.uk?

First and foremostly it’s all about exposure. You get to create a new means to sell your goods.

Conversion from page to sale is pretty good – especially if you are competitive.

Checkout these Amazon tips

Checkout these Amazon tips

Many buyers completely trust Amazon’s payment and checkout services – it’s easy to use and recognisable.

What are the negative aspects of selling with Amazon.co.uk?

You have to compete with the mighty beast that is Amazon.

Fees cut into your profits.

You can’t access your sales funds immediately.

If you plan to list a large product inventory, you need time and technical know-how to keep your product feed working correctly.

Amazon does not accept third-party products in all of its categories, so you will need to do your research.

Be aware

There are horror stories out there about Amazon ripping sellers off etc., just as there are regarding eBay. Search around and you will find that some people have had their Amazon marketplace store closed down through an arbitrary email meaning that they have lost the income (and in some cases Amazon are said to have held onto money and goods as well) that they relied on to pay their mortgages and staff. You should never totally rely on one means of online income. Place your eggs in more than one basket and stay safe out there.

Tell us your experiences!

So what about you? Are you an Amazon seller? We’re interested in hearing your horror stories and your fairy tales. Let us know by posting in the comments section below or by coming over to our Facebook page and chatting with us there. 🙂

16 Responses to “Not so amazin’? A brief introduction to selling on Amazon”

Kieran WrightApril 8th, 2016 at 7:03 pm

I,m an amazon seller, and have been for just over a year. Amazon seem to expect the seller to make up the postage rates, as since I have been doing amazon, the postage rates have been fixed at £2.80 for books and £1.26 for cd’s and dvd’s yet Royal mail post is now £2.85. Now, with the £2.80 amazon add on as postage , they also take 32p as a commission charge on the postage of £2.80. This means we have to pay the difference, reducing my profit. I get by, but while I am looking after my mother and father both aged 91, this helps me look after them and pay the household bills. Apparently, the last time amazon increased the fees from 2.75 to 2.80 for books was 2013, postage goes up every year, and if you send the item recorded, and enter the recorded details you get points towards you performance, which isnt fare because its costing the seller no amazon anything. All in all it would never be a full time job, unless you run it along side another business, because when I retire, I want to retire, not sending 10-15 items a day every day.

monirOctober 7th, 2016 at 7:41 pm

How can I start selling Amazon products after I get my blog up and running?
I understand there is no way to build a mailing list of your buyers without violating AMAZON TOS, correct?
I am absolutely new at this, I have not started yet. I want to be able to quit my job and do internet marketing for a living.
Thank you:

Karl BaxterOctober 9th, 2016 at 9:56 am

Hi, if you have a great Blog why not use Amazon Affiliate’s program to send buyers from your blog to your amazon products, firstly you can make good sales but you can also get paid by amazon just for sending your buyers there. There is lots of ways you can promote your product’s on your blog , ie product reviews, product testing, unique pictures of the products that other sites do not have etc, you can then link that product to your amazon advert. this way you can also gather your blog readers contact info before they head off to amazon to purchase.

AnonOctober 22nd, 2016 at 8:05 am

very interesting article. I have a quick question. I have sold some of my products on Amazon. I have done small tweaks to the design (which does not change the performance of the product). Because I have a new code with Amazon, I have lost all the reviews of my old products. Is there any way that review can be transferred?
Thanks author

BelashOctober 23rd, 2016 at 6:38 am

I was wandering is it allowed by Amazon to include a thank you note in the package of your product and to ask the customer to post a review?

AnonymousOctober 23rd, 2016 at 6:44 am

very interesting article. I have a quick question. I have sold some of my products on Amazon. I have done small tweaks to the design (which does not change the performance of the product). Because I have a new code with Amazon, I have lost all the reviews of my old products. Is there any way that review can be transferred?

AnonymousNovember 18th, 2016 at 5:27 pm

very interesting article. I have a quick question. I have sold some of my products on Amazon. I have done small tweaks to the design (which does not change the performance of the product). Because I have a new code with Amazon, I have lost all the reviews of my old products. Is there any way that review can be transferred?

R J HasanNovember 18th, 2016 at 9:45 pm

Great article, thanks for being willing to share with others. Any pointers for bloggers with no product niche? I have an established blog with decent traffic but none of it is product driven. How might someone like me incorporate affiliates?

sohal ranaDecember 16th, 2016 at 6:20 am

Hi…thanks for the article!

I’ve been an online seller for large and small companies, some needing promotional and things mentioned in your article, some not so much. Recently I’ve been having a big slump in sales. I was wondering if you have step by step advice on what to do first and then what’s next, because I’ve been doing the majority of your recommendations to no increase in conversions. And honestly I’ve never seen any increase using Amazon keywords or Amazon sponsored products. Are there really benefits to those promotional vehicles?

Lucy samuelNovember 30th, 2017 at 10:29 am

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Lucysamuel001December 1st, 2017 at 11:45 am

To sell on Amazon you need to fill in every proper detail without any error, as it is easy to open a store but difficult to sell it. Use evantage.store for the right account setup & management process. You can also bulk list your products and get the best imaging solutions from there.

Arya StonesMarch 26th, 2018 at 9:27 am

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