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It’s Wimbledon! Let’s make a racquet for Andy Murray

I’m very excited because Wimbledon 2013 starts today and for two weeks it will be a complete tennis fest. I’m a big fan and I’ve always loved Mr Dour Scot himself, Andy Murray. He’s 27 now and I find myself wondering how much longer he’ll continue. I hope it’s a while because there doesn’t seem […]

Why do small businesses fail?

A friend of mine is just opening a new shop in East Devon. It’s a massive gamble for her and her partner and while she is hugely excited she is also very concerned. She has been picking my brains about how to make her business successful. While I have been trying to be very positive, […]

Top Ten Ways to Cheer Yourself Up!

The weather is weird at the moment isn’t it? Or is that just me being too polite? The weather is atrocious and it’s bringing me down. After the appalling summer we had last year it seems only fair that we have a brilliant summer this year. Sadly that doesn’t appear to be on the cards. […]