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Latest Stock From Failed Electrical Retailer Comet.

There’s a buzz in the air over here at Wholesale Clearance UK, as we have acquired some of the stock from the recently administered electrical retailer Comet. The word ‘some’ could be opened to interpretation so to give you an idea as to exactly how much come look here on our latest Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIXHsC2QDxc […]

10001 Uses (or thereabouts) for 10000 Lance Armstrong DVDs

So what does one do with 10,000 Lance Armstrong DVDs? It turns out you can actually do quite a lot with them and in spite of what the national press might think, here at wholesaleclearance.co.uk we can be incredibly creative. Here are some fabulous ideas. Please try these at home! Create a fabulous ear ring […]

The benifits of becoming an Amazon Seller

Becoming an Amazon Seller. When you think about selling online, you think about a website selling specific products such as toys or clothing, with expensive set up and maintenance fee’s you may think about selling your products through eBay. Somewhere you may not think about is Amazon, your big online bookstore has been seriously branching […]

Oprah Winfrey can’t compete with our Lance Armstrong offer!

Given what a complete superstar the American Professional Cyclist Lance Armstrong is, we at wholesaleclearance.co.uk have something for you small businesses out there that will make your eyes shine with absolute delight. Never mind the Oprah Winfrey pre-recorded interview, we got here first! Let’s forget for a moment that Lance was the first man to […]

New Year Sale Giveaway Bonanza!

Have you ever heard the saying ‘they gave no quarter’? Historically this referred to the period immediately after a battle when the winners showed no clemency or mercy and refused to spare the life of the vanquished who had surrendered. Well here at Wholesale Clearance it is YOU who is going to be the victor […]

How Buying Liquidated Stock Can Benefit Businesses

How Buying Liquidated Stock Can Benefit Businesses Liquidated stock is stock that is offered for sale by a business in trouble that is looking to offload stock in order to liquidate its assets i.e. free up the cash that is tied into stock supplies. Buying liquidated stock can be a win win situation for not […]