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Candle Pallets of Stock for Gift and Homeware sellers

Candles are the perfect gift, and retailers owning gift and homeware outlets would be wise to stock up at Wholesale Clearance. Picking up candle pallets of stock at the right price is important when it comes to your profit margins, so make sure that you seek out the best possible value candles and candle holders. […]

Wholesale Clearance UK Sells The Best Electrical Products!

While Wholesale Clearance UK sells a broad range of products, one of the products that interests many of our customers is our extensive range of wholesale electricals. From Mobile Phones & MP3 players, to the latest Smart TV’s & Games Consoles, Wholesale Clearance UK is constantly updating the stock it has available. There is a […]

Wholesale Clearance UK Fantastic Range of Clothing!!

Wholesale Clearance UK sells an extensive range of clothing for men, women and children. The clothing ranges from branded to non-branded and outfits to accessories. The Wholesale Clearance UK website makes it simple and easy to navigate around these categories and find items which may interest you. Some of the brands Wholesale Clearance UK deal […]

How To: Wholesale Clothing Guide

How To: Wholesale Clothing Guide If you’re looking for a ‘how to wholesale clothing guide’ then you’ve come to the right place. At Wholesale Clearance we know all that there is to know about wholesale clothing, so read on: What is Wholesale Clothing? Wholesale clothing is clothing supplied to retailers for them to then sell […]